The servicing industry is taking another step forward in its attempt for transparency. On Monday, RES.NET said it now has the ability to enable real estate brokers to generate custom checklists to enhance transparency and communications between agents and customers.

Brokers who use RES.NET can now establish unique checklists for each transaction type and create lists for agents based on their specific role as a resale, listing or short-sale agent.

Once a broker creates his or her initial checklist, agents specify their property type and role in RES.NET’s Agent Portal, which will then configure a checklist based on the broker’s requirements.

Responsibilities — from completion of disclosure to performing walk-throughs to marketing tasks — can be put on the checklist. By placing responsibilities on a checklist, brokers are allowed complete oversight of activities, due dates, status updates, documents and other key data.

The new technology also allows brokers to designate specific triggers within their checklists to ensure required steps are completed in a timely manner.

“We close communication gaps,” RES.NET COO and President Todd Mobraten said in an interview with HousingWire. The president noted that the servicing industry is far behind in regards to technology when compared to other aspects of the housing industry. “We all have to break that barrier,” he said. “You have to be able to architect your technology.”

Mobraten added that RES.NET is constantly striving to give users the ability to make changes themselves and to avoid what could be months of delays otherwise.

The agent portal is one of the platform’s six portals that connect all participants of a real estate transaction, including banks, servicers, brokers, agents, vendors and consumers.

According to Mobraten, RES.NET’s latest effort to increase transparency is yet another step toward optimizing and streamlining transactions for brokers.

"Brokers largely needed a complete back-office management solution, and now RES.NET’s checklists and transparent system ensure they have ultimate control of their businesses," he added. "They can supply agents with the best possible technology to improve their performance while focusing on customer service instead of managing daily tasks and deadlines."