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Original air date: October 28, 2010

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  • The implications of current government policy on the future of housing and the economy
  • Special analysis on the effects of robo-signers
  • The quantified extent of the housing meltdown
  • Current data surrounding delinquency and foreclosure trends
  • Future delinquency and foreclosure projections market by market

Web Event Information

Mark Zandi

Chief Economist Moody's Analytics

Mark directs research and consulting Zandi for Moody's Analytics. His research interests include macroeconomics, financial markets and public policy. His recent research has focused on the determinants of mortgage foreclosure and personal bankruptcy, analyzed the economic impact of various tax and government spending policies, and assessed the appropriate policy response to bubbles in asset markets. PRESENTATION SUMMARY: Mark gives a macro view of the housing economy as he guides you through the current state of the market and what is predicted in the early quarters of 2011.

Laurie S. Goodman

Senior Managing Director Amherst Securities

Laurie is responsible for strategy and business development at Amherst Securities Group. She joined the firm in December 2008, assembled the Strategy Team and began publication of the Amherst Mortgage Insight. PRESENTATION SUMMARY: Laurie walks through re-performance rates, liquidation frequencies and HAMP numbers – all broken down by product type and months delinquent.

Kyle Lundstedt

Managing Director Applied Analytics Division

Kyle joined LPS Applied Analytics in December 2007 to help manage the evolving business, and leverage the ability to combine LPS loan data, property information, and proprietary analytics in a host of valuable new ways. He coordinates the mortgage modeling and analytics effort for LPS-AA. PRESENTATION SUMMARY: Kyle presents a micro view of the housing economy while focusing on delinquencies, foreclosures, new originations and more.

Richard Bitner

Associate Publisher HousingWire