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Keith Murray has founded and leads multiple companies that have been established as benchmarks for industry performance, quality and reliability while remaining true to his philosophical commitment to community, diversity and integrity.

From his modest beginnings as a one-man appraisal shop to the owner of a national provider of compliant valuations as well as the only REO outsourcer to have listed, managed and sold over 500,000 assets, Murray has established himself as an industry-leading entrepreneur.

His businesses continue to thrive through an evolving market with increasing regulation, while his philanthropic work for veterans, the disadvantaged and the elderly enable him to give back in a personal and professional way.

Over the past year, Murray led his executive team as they expanded their company compliance initiatives to manage the growing regulatory and legal environment. Under his leadership each company developed new business offerings, expanded their sourcing, utilization and tracking process for diverse suppliers.

Murray has launched his third company, Hightide Settlement Services, to provide high-touch client-focused services for title and closing. The company has already witnessed double-digit monthly growth in its first year and is on a similar trend to the growth his second company, VRM Mortgage Services, experienced at its launch.

“In my career, I have learned that you must first understand the job, challenge, obstacle or whatever lies before you before you try to lead others,” he said. “It is the reason I am an MAI appraiser, licensed real estate agent as well as a licensed real estate broker. I try to fully understand what is needed to achieve a goal, surround myself with experts and make sure I can ask the questions that enable them to fulfill their potential. I believe that is what separates companies that weather the greatest storms and have the greatest success.”

He has been a diversity and inclusion leader well ahead of the focus created by Dodd-Frank Section 342, which mandated increases in diversity spend, transparency and accountability. VRM deployed its proprietary sourcing solution to provide greater levels of tiered reporting and equal, performance-based assignment and tracking of opportunities to diverse and women-owned businesses.V18 quote

Through VRM, Murray also established a new initiative to build transitional opportunities for returning veterans using their vendor management and training platforms in an effort to further assist veterans and bring new talent into the industry. The company has received multiple awards recognizing VRM’s successes and commitment to diversity and inclusion both locally and nationally.

VRM and PCV expanded and enhanced their compliance teams with the addition of industry veterans to assess and mitigate risk for the company and its clients.

Murray also is the president and CEO of PCV Murcor, which he founded in 1981 as a local real estate appraisal company serving southern California. The company has grown to provide real estate services throughout the United States.

In addition, he is founding chairman of the PCV|VRM Seeds of Hope Foundation, which seeks to build transitional housing for women veterans, neighborhood rehabilitation projects for inner-city school kids, create walks to raise funds for those affected by mental illness and the charity’s annual golf tournament benefiting Operation Finally Home.

“The companies I founded and those we add to the Murcor family of companies are established on the belief that building a successful business and placing communities first are not mutually exclusive ideals,” he said.

 “We build the companies around the tenets of client service and commitment to community and remain dedicated to those principles in every aspect of the businesses we enter into.”