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WALZ leads the consumer financial services industry in complying with regulatory changes that impact critical borrower communications. WALZ is able to achieve its leadership role by providing compliant communication solutions that are continuously updated to reflect federal and state regulatory changes.

“Our compliance and client services team has one mission: to make sure our clients’ critical borrower communications consistently comply with the latest regulations,” CEO Rod Walz said. “Through constant contact with both state and federal regulators and by sharing best practices within the industry, we provide information that is immediately relevant to their needs.”

WALZ holds a unique neutral position within the industry that affords it very timely access to updates and the ability to adapt its operations to help its clients conform to the required changes.

“As a trusted compliance partner, we take over the job of monitoring legislative and regulatory changes to identify the ones that require action,” Walz said. “Our experience and ongoing research, proprietary resources, and understanding of industry best practices enable us to infuse our suite of services with unparalleled subject-matter expertise.”

The WALZ compliance platform combines services expertise with best-in-class technology solutions. WALZ has automated more and more regulatory compliance checks, from default communications, loss mitigation efforts, and loan transfers, all the way through foreclosure critical communications. And with increased regulatory pressure on its clients, the company continues to  further expand its compliance methodology to help assure that borrower communications will stand up if ever challenged.

“We are constantly adapting to the changing needs of our clients and the regulatory environment. Our clients appreciate the complexity that we’re willing to take on, and our ability to process highly involved tasks,” Walz said.

The company automates the fulfillment and tracking of critical communications including default-related notices, notices required by the CFPB and state regulators, correspondence concerning loan modifications and loss mitigation options, and other important documents using USPS certified, first-class and expedited mail.

WALZ serves six of the top 10 mortgage servicers and has 450 years of collective mortgage and compliance experience. The company’s expertise in managing critical communications translates into tailored, high-touch service to its clients.

“The culture of WALZ is all about helping our clients find pain relief. We don’t just offer products or services, we sell solutions based upon the needs of our clients,” Walz said. “Our compliance-centric focus and values run deep throughout everything we do and drives how we operate and develop client solutions. A way of life that is well understood at WALZ is summed up in our mantra, ‘trust but verify,’ which serves to reinforce our attention to quality and emphasis on compliance.”


Rod Walz, CEO, is the founder of the Walz Group and a visionary who, over the past 38 years, has pioneered multiple award-winning enterprise software solutions and services. As the multi-patent holder who transformed certified mail automation, as well as a trail-blazer in the field of compliance technology, Walz’s ideas were revolutionizing office workflow as early as the 1970s.

Today, he leads one of the nation’s foremost suppliers of compliance software and services, building upon decades of innovation that make WALZ such a powerful asset to its clients. As CEO, Walz oversees a team of more than 160 people in Southern California and Phoenix, and drives the vision of the company.

Brad Knapp, EVP, oversees corporate strategy, management and client care, implementing the vision of WALZ across all departments and operations. Knapp’s background includes more than 30 years of experience in banking, mortgage, real estate and compliance leadership.
Prior to WALZ, Knapp founded BREO, a national real estate and REO outsourcing solution provider. He has also served as president of Citigroup’s residential mortgage warehousing subsidiary, and as senior vice president at Associates Housing Finance.

Maria Moskver, chief compliance officer and general counsel, brings more than 16 years of experience in consumer financial services, including loss mitigation, bankruptcy and operations, with extensive experience in regulatory compliance.

Prior to joining WALZ, Moskver served as chief compliance officer, senior compliance counsel and general counsel to companies within the financial services industry. She represents WALZ on committees throughout the industry, has served as a panelist at numerous industry events and moderates a semi-monthly compliance webinar for WALZ clients that covers state and federal legislative changes.

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