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VRM began offering REO outsourcing services in 2006 and quickly grew into the largest REO outsourcer in the country — listing, managing, maintaining and selling over 500,000 assets. But the company has expanded beyond its REO roots and now provides a complete suite of default servicing solutions for lenders, servicers and investors.

“While we excel at our core business — asset management and disposition — we have continued to evolve and grow to meet our clients’ needs by introducing new solutions such as default title and closing, rental management and localized property inspections and property preservation, as well as industry training,” CEO Keith Murray said.

The company’s broad experience in vendor management gives it an advantage in the rapidly changing regulatory environment of today’s mortgage industry. VRM uses a proprietary technology platform that automates workflow and completes a compliance checklist for every property — testing for regulations that range from local to federal requirements.

Quality control and audit teams are kept separate from business operations and maintain strict standards for internal processes as well as third-party provider activities. Understanding the crucial role that vendors play in compliance, VRM also provides clients with a unique training platform that offers vendor training specific to each client, as well as industry certifications for continuing education.

“Our advanced compliance processes, attention to detail, process management, turn-time excellence and outstanding performance are the reasons we consistently outperform competitors on client scorecards,” Murray said.

VRM’s mission encompasses not only its clients, but the communities they serve.

“VRM’s commitment to quality, compliance and communities helps our clients reduce compliance and reputational risk, as well as operational drag and loss severity. Most importantly, we achieve this for our clients while restoring value to local communities. We believe everyone benefits when communities are given the support they need to grow sustainably, and we pride ourselves on delivering solutions that look beyond the bottom line.”

The company demonstrates that support with its own internal practices, providing opportunities for its employees to grow personally and professionally, and encouraging volunteerism. In 2014, VRM was recognized by DiversityBusiness.com as a top 500 U.S. African American-owned and diversity-owned company, and a top 100 Texas diversity-owned company.

Murray believes that much of VRM’s success in the future will rely on their past experience adapting and responding to a rapidly changing market.

“Our biggest opportunities will continue to come from our ability to anticipate the future demands of our clients and present them with the solutions they need—when they need them.”


Keith Murray is the founder and CEO of VRM Mortgage Services and the president and CEO of PCV Murcor, Real Estate Services, which he founded in 1981.

Murray has over 33 years of experience in real estate analysis, consultation and valuation and is a California state licensed real estate broker. He has worked extensively with numerous agencies including the RTC, Veterans Administration, HUD, Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae.

Murray holds the MAI designation of the Appraisal Institute, the ASA designation of the American Society of Appraisers, and IFAS designation of the National Association of Independent Fee Appraisers.

Cheryl Travis-Johnson is VRM’s chief operating officer and executive vice president. Since joining VRM in 2008, she has been responsible for developing and rolling out VRMU. As a director on the board of the non-profit PCV|VRM Seeds of Hope, she continues to leverage philanthropy to support neighborhood stabilization efforts and currently serves on the MBA’s diversity and inclusion committee.

Prior to joining VRM, Travis-Johnson served as director of REO sales operations for Freddie Mac, receiving Freddie Mac’s Premier Achievement award on multiple occasions. She also held senior leadership roles with First Interstate Bank, World Savings and Loan, and First Deposit Corporation.

She has actively participated in NAREB, NHORA, MBA, AREAA, the Asset Manager Forum and the California Mortgage Bankers Association. 

Brandon Kirkham is senior vice president of operations support for VRM. Previously, Kirkham was the co-founder and president of Compliance Connections, executive vice president of First Preston Management, and first vice president for Countrywide Home Loans. There he supported teams in multiple servicing centers across the United States, managing a myriad of functions, including unit start-ups and portfolio management.

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