2015 POWER PLAYER: Sentinel Field Services, Inc.

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375 S. State Street, Suite D
Clearfield, UT 84015


Sentinel Field Services provides inspections, field services and property preservation for top mortgage lenders, servicers and GSEs on thousands of properties around the country. Sentinel is fully committed to being a true partner with its clients to obtain the highest possible value from each property, and has a goal to provide property preservation with zero defects.

“The very essence of what distinguishes Sentinel from other field services companies is perfectly summed-up in the company’s name,” said Phil Johnsen, Sentinel CEO. “A company co-founder served as a sentinel for the Tomb of the Unknowns at Arlington National Cemetery, and was responsible for securing and preserving those sacred grounds.

“True to the precision and discipline that characterize that sacred duty, Sentinel secures, preserves and maintains properties on behalf of our clients; and coordinates our efforts with asset managers and brokers to facilitate a rapid sale and maximum value.”

From asset acquisition to final closing, Sentinel ensures the properties are inspected, preserved and maintained in compliance with client and regulatory guidelines, and local code requirements. This includes the ability to manage and resolve issues with adverse occupants, unpaid utilities and HOA fee resolution.

“We share our clients’ goals of quickly and accurately assessing property condition, securing the asset, removing environmental or other health and safety hazards, maintaining the property in ready-to-market condition, and resolving all property-based impediments that might delay closing,” Johnsen said.

The ability to deliver the company’s standard of zero defects depends upon the discipline of Six Sigma process improvement principles. Guided by these “Black Belt” principles, Sentinel’s internal review of all work orders quickly identifies all deficiencies and provides immediate feedback to the work order processors.

This disciplined approach to continual process improvement is perfectly complemented by a client-centric team organization. Each client has a single point of contact, facilitating deep understanding of the unique needs of each client and enhancing communication.

“In the face of heightened regulatory requirements, our clients have turned to Sentinel for experienced and innovative partnering that results in minimized regulatory risk. Sentinel has taken the lead in developing strong relationships with local regulatory and law enforcement entities to mitigate and resolve vexing issues that delay asset disposition, reduce return on the assets, and expose the clients to regulatory risk.”

Experienced compliance specialists at Sentinel work with its network of eviction attorneys and local law enforcement agencies to quickly and legally remove adverse occupants as soon as they are discovered.

Using a national HOA database, Sentinel can request HOA ledgers and identify all unpaid HOA fees. Unpaid utilities can be similarly identified and quickly resolved, leaving no surprises at closing.

“Our disciplined and consistent approach to completing work, regardless of the neighborhood, ensures that both Sentinel and our clients avoid any claims for discriminatory handling of properties,” he said.

Sentinel’s greatest opportunity in the future will result from expanding the scope and reach of its service delivery to mortgage servicers and banks. As the company continues to grow, it will grow its non-government work to create greater revenue diversity, Johnsen said.

“Our deep expertise in every aspect of pre-sale and REO inspections, property maintenance, repairs, eviction management, lien resolution, HOA fees, utilities management, VPR, and code enforcement sets Sentinel apart from the competition.”


Phil Johnsen joined Sentinel Field Services in July of 2013 as chief executive officer. He brings broad industry experience in a variety of business leadership, executive sales, marketing and operations positions in the mortgage, high-tech and financial services industries.

In 2010, he launched Prime Renovation, a consulting firm that provided council and direction in REO renovation, REO portfolio analysis and foreclosure portfolio due diligence for investors. In 2008, he launched DDN Mortgage Services LLC as a founding partner, and served as its president through 2010.

Prior to launching DDN Mortgage Services, Johnsen held executive positions at First American Corporation, including president/COO of the BPO valuation division for First American, and EVP of business development for the default division.

Johnsen is Six Sigma certified and experienced in Agile software development methodologies. He is fluent in Spanish and is the father of eight children.

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