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Safeguard delivers a full spectrum of inspection, maintenance, preservation, property registration, repairs and rehab services on vacant, defaulted and foreclosed properties.

“What distinguishes Safeguard is our commitment to delivering excellent customer service and performing at the highest levels of quality, timeliness and cost-effectiveness,” said Alan Jaffa, Safeguard Properties CEO.

But the company is not just a property preservation company — it’s also a technology company that provides timely and accurate information and innovative solutions to its clients.

“Our investment in technology supports our commitment to our clients, with faster and more accurate property updates and data-gathering capabilities that are informative to both our clients’ and our own decision-making processes,” Jaffa said.

Safeguard’s technology innovation is evident in its Inspections Quality Control suite, which includes INSPI Mobile, INSPI QC and MapAlert. INSPI Mobile provides inspectors with the ability to collect property condition data and corresponding photo evidence, and submit results in real-time from the field. It also ensures inspections conform to client and regulatory requirements by systematically enforcing photo count, labeling and survey rules.

INSPI QC helps to verify the accuracy of field inspections prior to submission to clients and GSEs. As part of the process, photos are evaluated to identify reused, cropped, altered or fraudulent photos.

The information captured from the field can then be analyzed using MapAlert, Safeguard’s proprietary geo-spatial mapping and data analytics application. MapAlert provides the ability to visually analyze data including loan and property-level attributes and condition, further ensuring the accuracy of results at the neighborhood, city, state and national level. In addition, MapAlert integrates weather and other data services to proactively identify the impact of severe weather, economic and other geographical events on property portfolios, allowing clients to make better informed property preservation decisions.

“Safeguard’s unique viewpoint of our industry has assisted us in optimizing mobile location, business intelligence and tracking to help support compliance requirements and ensure the right people are at the right property at the right time doing the right work,” Jaffa said.

From new technology and the expansion of in-house internal audit and compliance teams, Safeguard has been working to proactively and aggressively manage risk, and to ensure the frameworks are in place to maintain regulatory compliance.

Safeguard believes the next technological evolution in field services will use real-time video to address the field services industry’s No. 1 risk — determining if a property is occupied or vacant. With video, the inspector can share the live video stream right from the property and
another set of eyes can help with the property status determination.

“Safeguard’s forward-thinking approach allows the company to anticipate industry challenges and develop best practices to meet them head on,” Jaffa said.

But although technology is important to Safeguard’s future, the company’s foundation of providing quality customer service is still central.

“We will continue to achieve success, because, as a company, we approach our daily interactions with clients, communities, vendors and employees with respect and the strong commitment to provide a quality service,” Jaffa said.


Robert Klein is the founder and chairman of the board for Safeguard Properties. Klein assumed the role of chairman in May 2010.

Klein also currently serves as the founder and chairman at SecureView. He remains active in many national industry associations.

In 2009, Klein received the prestigious Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

Alan Jaffa is the CEO for Safeguard Properties, a role he assumed in May of 2010. Previously he served as chief operating officer.Since joining Safeguard in 1995, Jaffa has worked through virtually every department of the company.

Under Jaffa’s leadership, Safeguard has enjoyed extraordinary growth that has catapulted the company to its current position as the largest mortgage field services company in the nation.

Gregory Robinson, CPA, is Safeguard’s chief financial officer and executive vice president. He directs all financial management activities, including financial reporting, planning, budgeting, forecasting, cash management, lender relationships, internal control processes and oversight and analysis of financial results.

As a key member of the leadership team, Robinson’s experience in finance, operations, IT and business development help to position Safeguard for continued growth.

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