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US Real Estate Services, which has been in the REO disposition and valuation business since 1992, knows the importance of determining a property’s true value. This critical determination is the foundation for every other decision made about a property, which is why the company provides secondary mortgage servicers with accurate values that are a blend of data and the hands on expertise from its staff and vendor network.

“Currently, many investors are relying on property values from various electronic resources and data aggregators,” said Founder and CEO Keith Guenther.

“While these estimates may be fine for getting a general idea of a property’s size and value, they do not provide the complete knowledge that investors would get through a third party specialist. Contextual elements such as property condition aren’t going to be accurately represented without a geographically adept specialist’s presence.”

USRES works with a vetted panel of agents and appraisers. By working with vendors who have undergone prior scrutiny the company ensures accountability and accuracy throughout the process. Clients are provided with the additional capability to seamlessly integrate their database of vendors into the company’s system.

During the acquisition process, investors are able to quickly order, track, and receive additional information that often tilts the value proposition and accurately determines the asset’s true value.

“Secondary mortgage servicers often work on multiple systems, and we believe there is room for further efficiency gains. By streamlining this process, we are able to lighten their workload and allow them to get back to analyzing and purchasing portfolios,” Guenther said.

The company’s ability to provide accurate data and a seamless process is essential for secondary mortgage servicers, who may be underestimating the costs and difficulty of various disposition strategies.

During the disposition process, investors can perform analysis and run reports that will aid them in determining the best course of action, and ultimately increase their return on investment.

“We offer a unified, and simple, solution to tracking and reporting throughout the entire process from acquisition to disposition. Timing is imperative in these situations, and the benefit of having a single partner that assists the user throughout the entire process cannot be overstated,” Guenther said.

The company’s unique position as a provider of both technology software and services makes it a natural fit for secondary mortgage providers, and its vetted database of agents and third-party vendors provides investors with the resources they need to move properties through the process quickly and efficiently.

 “RES.NET’s REO Portal is an enterprise application which ensures that our customer service is not fragmented between clients. Once a client has our enterprise system, they can then initiate custom tasks and workflows to ensure that the system caters to their specific needs. In this way we are able to integrate and serve clients of all sizes.”

In the current environment — where the industry has to constantly adjust to new regulations — an efficient and compliant process is more important than ever.

“As we have seen in the past, growth is often accompanied by increased oversight.” Guenther said. “Investors who are looking to achieve their growth potential will want to get ahead of the regulators, and an investment in technology is often the solution. By partnering with a software provider that has the ability to customize its software in real time, investors will be able to move forward today with the knowledge that tomorrow is being taken into consideration as well.”

The company has dedicated business units for each of its services, including BPO, appraisals and REO disposition. The Distressed Asset Management Team is composed of seasoned lending and real estate professionals with extensive experience in all facets of REO management, real estate valuation, loss mitigation, real estate sales, closings and property management.

“When it comes to hands-on experience there are no shortcuts,” Guenther said. “USRES has the unique blend of service and technology that have enabled us to provide both Valuation and REO Disposition services to hundreds of clients throughout the industry for over 20 years.”

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