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Arch MI, a member of the well-capitalized, diversified Arch Capital Group, exemplifies the financially strong, operationally competent and competitively nimble mortgage insurer that can add value and play a stabilizing role in the mortgage and housing markets of the future.

“Arch MI’s resources, operational expertise and innovative team allow it to field products, technology tools, and unique MI solutions carefully calibrated to meet the needs of lenders at every level,” said David Gansberg, Arch MI’s President and CEO.

Arch MI recently launched Arch Mortgage Guaranty Company (AMG) to support lenders that want to expand their lending horizons in a safe and responsible manner.

AMG’s Portfolio Power product insures eligible mortgage loans that fall “outside the box” — including jumbos, non-QM loans, and loans intended for private-label securitization — and offers the industry’s only true day-one rescission policy. Portfolio Power gives mortgage lenders the confidence to originate and retain these loans in portfolio, so they can qualify more borrowers, explore new and niche loan products and expand homeownership opportunities in their communities.

“Because it is designed specifically to insure eligible loans to retain in portfolio, Portfolio Power greatly expands a mortgage originator’s ability to attract borrowers and close loans, moving them to the next level in volume, competitiveness and profitability,” Gansberg explained. “Lenders can grow their portfolios with confidence because of AMG’s Master Policy, offering day-one rescission relief, and Arch MI’s financial strength, which has earned some of the industry’s highest ratings from the major rating agencies.”

A Mortgage Insurer Focused on the Future

More broadly, the introduction of Portfolio Power will help to transform a mortgage market still emerging from the trauma of recession.

According to Gansberg, “Arch MI brings a fresh alternative and some much-needed dynamism to loan originations, while opening up new possibilities for private-label securitizations in a revived secondary market.”

The company has made a significant investment in risk management technology, recently redesigning its state-of-the-art origination and servicing platform, ArchMIConnect, to incorporate feedback from its customers. Seamlessly integrated with most of the industry’s loan origination systems and pricing engines, it delivers a superior customer experience with a streamlined, simple interface and built-in tools like Rate Quote and live support via chat.

“Changes in technology change the way our customers do business – so we’re always looking at ways to reach them where it makes the most sense,” Gansberg said. “One example is our mobile app, available on iPhone and Android, which has design functionality truly unique for our industry and allows both employees and customers to access Arch MI on the go.”

The Right MI Partner – and the Responsible MI Partner

Arch MI’s senior management is a seasoned team with global risk management expertise and experience in pioneering new product releases.  They believe in the value of mortgage lending, and in providing lending customers with MI products and services that will allow them to expand homeownership opportunities responsibly.

“Arch MI champions personalized, professional customer service, delivered by a proactive sales team and supported by our expert underwriting network,” Gansberg said.

The company’s risk management team includes professional economists who review key data and economic indicators quarterly to update the Arch MI Risk Index and forecast trends in Arch MI’s proprietary Housing & Mortgage Market Review.

Gansberg added, “Our leaders understand that success in the housing market is a long-term goal requiring not merely financial stamina and adroit risk management, but a visionary understanding of where the market is going. Under their guidance, Arch MI will grow its role not only as the ‘right MI partner,’ but also the ‘responsible MI partner,’ seeking to steer its customers safely through the cyclical turns of mortgage lending.”

Arch MI has positioned itself to adapt to the ever-changing landscape of mortgage credit default protection, while holding true to its central mission of delivering on its “Expect More from Arch MI” motto.

“The market continues to evolve as the economy, demographics and technology combine to generate unexpected developments,” Gansberg concluded.

“Arch MI has proven its ability to turn challenges into opportunities, to the benefit of its customers and the broader housing industry. We’ll continue to introduce innovative solutions matched to market needs, leveraging our technology infrastructure, data-mining expertise, operational expertise and financial strength.”

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