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The world is moving more and more toward companies being run on data, and technology is becoming a central figure of our economy. While lenders and servicers have seen a huge surge in the technology solutions available to them, investors have far less to choose from.

Single-family investors now make up 20% of the residential real estate market, yet are massively underserved from a data aggregation and search technology perspective.

Consider an investor, anywhere in the world, who wants to buy a 4-bedroom, 2-bathroom, 2,000-square-foot home in the U.S. for less than $200,000 that performs at a 10% yield…Where would they even begin?

Technology for investors

Today, investors can begin with Investors utilize Investability’s advanced search engine, PropScout, to find investment opportunities that fit their individual investment and property specifications. 

PropScout integrates a real estate investment calculator and comparative market analysis tools, and allows investors to refine their searches to search investment property by discount to market value, cash flow and yield. 

Never before have investors had the opportunity to search the entire country by how the property will perform as an investment.

At, calculations are run on properties for sale across the country, utilizing data from RentRange, the industry’s most reliable source for rental rates, vacancy statistics, and property management expenses. 

Investors are able to search and sort properties based on investment criteria.

A quick trip to the Investability website shows just how impressive and useful this technology can be for investors.

Simple searches by market or even ZIP code reveals a comprehensive list of available properties.

But that is not all.

The search will also offer a multitude of data points on each of the properties.

For example, the date the information was last updated is listed on the site as well as its availabilty.

For investors who wish to really drill down into the numbers, there is more than just the price per square foot but often several of the following:

  • Estimated Cash Flow per year.
  • Estimated Cap Rate per year.
  • Estimated Cash-on-Cash return.
  • Estimated Gross Yield.

Real estate investors can also join up and enjoy benefits not limited to search results.

Those investors can create and customize their searches.

Additionally, investors can connect with local professionals working in their desired markets. 

Market Opportunity

“Almost one in five single-family homes purchased in the U.S. since 2001 has been purchased by an investor for the purpose of renting it out,” said Investability President Eric Workman.

 “That’s approximately 20% of the market — nearly $200B per year. The real estate investor market has been a severely underserved market from a data access and technology perspective.”

The lack of investor tools in the market is what inspired founder and CEO Wally Charnoff to create Investability.

“There are thousands of websites that allow people to search for properties in the same manner in which a retail home buyer does – utilizing size, price and location parameters,” Charnoff said.

“Investability is the industry’s first and only platform that allows investors to search the entire country by those same characteristics, plus individualized investment performance. 

“Investability’s exclusive license to RentRange data allows this to be done with unprecedented accuracy.”

For 2015, Investability’s platform will continue to evolve to offer access to more properties, a significant resource and education center, and easier opportunities to transact properties for its investor clients.

For the company’s vendor and advertising partners, there will be more opportunities to surgically target consumers within the Investability platform, and the ability to protect existing databases through Investability’s patent-pending ReferSafe technology.