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The biggest opportunity in 2015, as a turnkey real estate solutions provider, is to specifically manage the complete real estate lifecycle for both investors and servicers. The challenge is managing a wide range of customized services while providing consistency in service deliverables.

HomeStar recognizes that each client has unique needs that require custom-tailored solutions aligned with each client’s unique business goals. Even for a seasoned investor or servicer, the many details associated with compliance, regulation and even local municipal codes for single-family and multifamily housing can be overwhelming. HomeStar is the expert that manages those details in order to allow its clients to focus on their own everyday business needs.

“As knowledge leaders, we provide access to expert insight, allowing our clients to capitalize on the best opportunity for a return on their investment,” HomeStar CEO, Michael Breese, said. “Our goal is not just to be an industry leader, but to also build meaningful relationships as a partner in our client’s operations.”

Turnkey real estate solutions

Breese sees strategic partnerships and expanding service lines as the key for promising growth through the next year. HomeStar has entered into a business partnership with Wipro, a global leader in the technology, outsourcing and business process consulting. This partnership will allow HomeStar to provide clients with advanced technologies and improved processes that will give them a clear edge over similar service providers.

In 2015, PortfolioTrax, HomeStar’s new web-based technology platform, will be fully implemented, allowing for better communication with its vendors, more insight for its clients and streamlined efficiency for its internal teams.

“We understand the importance of utilizing emerging technology to better manage portfolios and to provide a higher level of consistency and reliability in an ever-changing industry. PortfolioTrax also allows us to ensure compliance needs are met and provides transparency with 24-hour access for audit management,” Breese said.

In 2014, HomeStar launched HomeStar Property Management and HomeStar Claims as strategic initiatives in addressing its clients’ needs for expanded services. In 2015, HomeStar plans to continue developing its turnkey business strategy and customized services. One new offering includes a renter’s insurance program that is aimed at reducing risk to property owners and renters.

“Future success requires active involvement in the industry and genuine engagement with clients in order to truly understand their needs,” said Tim Connors, executive vice president at HomeStar. “We learn, preach and practice the importance of listening to the client.”

Part of creating custom solutions for its clients is delivering consistent, high-quality rehab projects by utilizing the company’s material purchasing program, which allows HomeStar to buy materials and appliances at a discounted price, resulting in improved timeline management and consistent installation of materials pre-approved by the client.

“We attribute our success to hard work and focused strategy. We have a strong team of performers who execute their work passionately,” Connors said. “When our clients are successful so are we, and that is what separates us from the rest of the market.”

Some of HomeStar’s unique service offerings include:

  • Repair packages that can be customized to fit any budget without sacrificing quality. The project management technology and hands-on-approach allows HomeStar the ability to scale up or down. 
  • A general contractor license and IICRC professional certification and insurance coverage on mold remediation and lead abatement.
  • Hazard insurance claims solutions to reduce risk, maximize settlement recoveries and increase potential profits for servicers and investors. HomeStar’s unique advantage is that claims management should not cost the client anything.
  • A warranty plan that includes coverage for all major home systems and appliances up to a year — regardless of age.

“The only companies that survive in this industry are those that are able to change as fast as the demands of their clients,” said Ben Brunson, senior vice president.