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Market View

The post-crisis lending and securitization landscape is still weak and poorly defined due to a continued lack of confidence on the part of investors and a compliance centric regulatory environment.  Next year promises more of the same, and due-diligence and document management firms will continue to play a vital role as companies look to them for innovative yet sound solutions that help them reduce costs and improve quality while they work to manage a difficult and costly regulatory environment. Companies that can create customized solutions that help clients manage risk and identify opportunities in this landscape will be more valuable than ever.

EdgeMAC, a specialized mortgage advisory services company, offers due diligence, data and document management, and portfolio management support services to give its clients greater visibility into their assets at an earlier stage in the process.

“We create innovative solutions for our clients by utilizing a balance of experienced mortgage human capital, disciplined processes and robust technology,” said Robin Auerbach, founder and CEO of EdgeMAC. “Our clients benefit from customized services derived from years of industry experience in both originations and capital markets”

“We believe that disciplined, accurate extraction of data from loan documents will drive future due-diligence in a re-emergent securitization marketplace while improving the origination process and margins today.” Auerbach said. 

Nimble technology

Recently, EdgeMAC has developed and introduced document and data management services to automate much of the review or “scrubbing” of a mortgage loan schedule, providing cost-effective mining of data from whole populations that allow issuers to perform diligence on highly targeted samples in addition to the more traditional random samples.

Also, EdgeMAC recently launched “In Line” origination loan file indexing and data extraction for retail, wholesale and correspondent loans. “Our client portal allows clients to securely upload files to our centralized operations unit to classify and extract data and return it back to them within a 2 to 4 hour SLA.  And for files that come in late in the day, they are processed by our night shift who has them completed, QA’d and back to the client first thing in the morning. We are helping our clients improve their turn times and cut costs while improving the quality of the documents presented for underwriting.”  Auerbach said.

EdgeMAC’s team has extensive industry experience in all sectors of the mortgage market, including origination, capital markets, securitization and document management. 

For any solution the company develops, it capitalizes on this expertise to identify needs in the market and then collaborate with clients to develop the specific solution that supports their business need.

“Our due-diligence technology is a unique application designed and built from the ground up to support in-depth loan reviews. Our document management systems were created to support our own due-diligence teams when we found nothing in the marketplace that had the flexibility, granularity, and high level of accuracy that we require,” Auerbach said.

EdgeMAC’s technology allows it to be very nimble and responsive to its clients. The company’s solutions are characterized by fast start-up times (days not weeks) with low or no capital outlays.  EdgeMAC combines highly flexible proprietary technology and leading enterprise-grade software to create the scalable solutions it develops for each client engagement. 

“We are able to respond quickly to our clients’ needs and have the ability to make in-line adjustments to work scope throughout the course of an engagement,” Auerbach said.

EdgeMAC, which is focused solely on the mortgage industry and employs only U.S.-based resources, plans to launch a web-centric version of its document management applications in 2015.  The company’s services include customizable document imaging, indexing and data extraction performed on-site or off-site.

“EdgeMAC’s business has increased steadily over the past five years based on our ability to provide high quality services that support our clients’ businesses. By continuing to offer forward-thinking, customized solutions that contribute to their success, we will continue to grow along with them,” Auerbach said.  “We are passionate about what we do and our client’s success.”