2 reasons the single-family rental securitization market won’t exceed $20 billion

Should mortgage technology and data be universally shared?

Yes, and no

Structural changes, oversight and second-lien reform critical for PL MBS

The game has to be changed to bring back private label capital

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Sept 2014 cover

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September 2014

Volume: 7
Edition: 9
From HW Magazine

Fracking hits home

Is fracking the next boom to go bust?
Ben Lane
One by one, they filed into the city council chambers. They took their seats and waited their turn, and once there weren’t any seats left, they moved to the seldom-used overflow seating. When the overflow seating filled, they moved to the civic center so they could watch the meeting on a closed-circuit feed.
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From HW Magazine

Data & analytics handbook

HousingWire's exclusive look at key providers
HousingWire Staff
It’s a new world, and in this new world, data is more crucial than ever. Getting the best data possible, and then being able to interpret that data to improve performance, will be a competitive edge that no company in the mortgage finance space can do without in the current environment of volume contraction.
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From HW Magazine

No room for fraud

Will the digitization of mortgages scrub fraud from the books?
Karen Nielsen
There’s no question that mortgage fraud is rampant – and expensive. Since the beginning of 2012, mortgage application fraud has totaled more than $30 billion nationally with income fraud experiencing the biggest year-over-year increase, according to CoreLogic.
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From HW Magazine

Wells Fargo: What's on the road ahead?

Mortgage-led banking franchise is at a crossroads -- maybe
As mortgages go, so too goes Wells Fargo. It’s an adage that certainly has run true for the past decade or so, as the banking giant has emerged as the nation’s top residential mortgage lender and second-largest residential mortgage servicer.
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From HW Magazine

Interview: Stephen Fraser

Globe trotter puts down roots at Realogy Holdings
Stephen Fraser has led a life that’s brag-worthy, but he’s not one to brag. He speaks with reverence about his extraordinary career, which has taken him all over the continental United States, India, and Europe.
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From HW Magazine

Don’t look now, but fraud's not dead yet

While our industry focuses on compliance, we can’t afford to ignore the growing threat
Jeffrey Dondanville and Donald O'Neill
Only seven or eight years ago, mortgage fraud was one of the top stories in the industry. It was quite common to see stories estimating losses in the millions, with some experts suggesting that these numbers were only the tip of the iceberg. Lenders and their partners scrambled to strengthen their fraud-prevention strategies.
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From HW Magazine

Leveraging today's technology

Companies make a comprehensive effort to mitigate investor and regulatory risk
Jay Coomes and Ken Knudsen
The loan manufacturing process, from application through post-closing to servicing and investor delivery, has traditionally been one in which the loan file flows through a relatively linear path. Unfortunately, this path travels through individual silos of various inefficient and, thus, costly operational processes.
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