CFPB secures $27.7 million judgment against foreclosure relief scammers

The next president needs to speak up about housing right now

Want my vote? Here's how to get it

CFPB, DOJ take action against Provident Funding for discriminatory lending

Could pay $9 million in damages

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May 2015

From HW Magazine

Inside Goldman Sachs

Housing conference looks at what mortgage companies will need to survive in the future
Brena Swanson
“Nearly every part of the real estate process has been transformed by technology except for home financing. Getting a mortgage is still manual, frustrating and confusing,” said Nick Stamos, CEO and founder of Sindeo.
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From HW Magazine

Mortgage insurance opens up

The private sector sees sunny skies ahead
Kerry Curry
Legacy insurers are headed toward solid ground, with some experiencing their first full year of profitability since the housing crash. New entrants, meanwhile, are raising capital, entering the fray and gaining market share.
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From HW Magazine

Secondary Market All-Stars 2015

The private label market stages a comeback
The secondary mortgage market is staging a determined, if quiet, recovery. Our list of Secondary Market All-Stars spotlights companies at the heart of the industry who are delivering solutions and services in both the GSE and private-label market, and forging a path for others to follow.
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From HW Magazine

Is the threat of subprime bond lawsuits fading?

Investors may finally get paid
Amy Macintosh
A new target for investors looking to recover RMBS will be the trustees. In addition to the on-going global settlement cases, new lawsuits were issued last year between investors and trustees. This new type of litigation was initiated for investors to recover their losses on RMBS by accusing trustees of negligence and breach of contract.
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From HW Magazine

Company Spotlight: MGIC

Tested, strengthened and ready for the future
“Our team has been through boom and bust cycles, so we don’t get too excited about any one wave or any one dip,” Crowley said. “Our collective experience helps us be rational about market changes and see the long-term vision — the forest for the trees — as we develop new products."
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From HW Magazine

Hot Seat: David Gansberg of Arch MI

Private mortgage insurance companies make a comeback
"Lenders definitely appreciate having greater flexibility to expand their scope in a highly competitive environment, so we expect activity in all loan product segments."
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From HW Magazine

Is it time to 86 the FICO?

Using only one model leaves money on the table for lenders
Jacob Gaffney
First, I’m not suggesting totally yanking FICO or Vantage Scores or anything like that. What I am recommending is the adoption of other models that would equally, or even more effectively, determine who can repay a loan.
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From HW Magazine

How to respond to the new mortgage lending challenges

Who will survive in today's tumultuous mortgage market and why?
Omar Quddus
Mortgage institutions need to modify their business to address new regulations, new technology and new competition. As margins decrease, decision makers need to decide whether they will refocus the company’s revenue stream and divert talent pool to that side of the business, consider variable capacity, pursue new and more efficient technology or resort to consolidation.
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