Fannie Mae: Collateral Underwriter not disrupting appraisals

FHFA hearing: GOP fear housing policy headed for Crash 2.0

Democrats say affordable housing, more lower-down policies needed

Ocwen: Mortgage bond investors mislead public, push foreclosures

Fires back at “baseless, groundless” charges of mortgage payment negligence

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December/January 2015

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Crunch time

HousingWire's 2015 economic outlook
Jacob Gaffney and Trey Garrison
There is one distinct moment in recent memory when everything was going to be just fine. On an early morning, back in April 2013, the smallest of miracles happened on the economic front. This singular event would lead to calls that the developed world’s ability to do business, with all of its multitudinous complexities, was on the road to a recovery, maybe this time, finally, forever.
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Special feature: 15 for 15

Providers to watch in the year to come
With this year's 15 for 15, we're profiling 15 companies who are well positioned to take on the challenges of 2015. The companies occupy different roles within the housing finance space — from lenders to servicers to technology providers — but they all share a vision for an outsized impact in the year ahead.
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Taking the foot off the accelerator

A look at what lies ahead for MSR transfers in 2015
Kerry Curry
Mortgage servicing rights will get bought and sold in 2015, but the volume won't reach the go-go days of 2012 or 2013, and the portfolios put out to market are expected to be smaller.
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Undaunted: Lynn Effinger

Industry veteran believes, then achieves, what seems impossible
Lynn Effinger never had it easy. But his choice early in life to challenge himself to achieve more than anyone thought he was capable of has paid dividends in strength, character and a rewarding career. Along the way, his story has inspired others to do the same.
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Putting skin in the game

Can rising rates loosen lending standards? Well, first, rates have to rise...
According to Fannie Mae's National Housing Survey for August, lenders anticipate interest rates rising steadily in the coming months and expect an even bigger and concurrent reduction in mortgage loan demand. Will that reduced demand drive lenders to loosen credit standards?
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Banking on builders

How wise is it to invest in residential construction right now? The answer: it depends
The HW 30 represents the top public companies that make up the core of the nation’s housing economy. Among them are some of the country’s biggest builders, the largest among them D.R. Horton, though Toll Brothers is perhaps the one to watch now. Is it time to invest in home construction? Here’s our take.
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What’s next in field services?

Technology and ramped-up maintenance services top the list
Alan Jaffa
Regulation and compliance — these words have been at the forefront of the mortgage industry in the past year or so. As we prepare to enter 2015, focusing on compliance and new and constantly changing regulations will remain the industry’s focus.
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Realtors and the net neutrality debate

Why did NAR jump onto the Title II net neutrality bandwagon?
Trey Garrison
A week after the White House and Democrats took a historic beating in the midterm elections, the White House issued a statement with its forceful support of the FCC's taking up a Title II net neutrality that would essentially treat the Internet like a public utility.
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