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June 2015

From HW Magazine

2015 Rising Stars

Our newest winners act as change agents from within
HousingWire Staff
These 40 winners have developed groundbreaking new software, re-engineered entire systems and launched their own startups. They have seen dramatic growth in sales, in market share and in influence. Whether they started with a company right out of high school or were brought in for a specialty solution, their contributions have been outsized.
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From HW Magazine

The Long Game

How to succeed in the mortgage business for 50 years or more
Sarah Wheeler
What does it take to innovate and adapt to the boom and bust cycles of our economy over many decades? How have some companies managed to excel for so long? We decided to explore the secret to longevity by interviewing executives at Forsythe Appraisals, MGIC, United Guaranty and TD Service, which have all been in business for 50 years or more.
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From HW Magazine

Housing in 2065

How to succeed for the next 50 years
Ben Lane
What will things look like in 2065? The possibilities are endless. And fascinating. What will our financial system look like? What about how we live and where we live? To answer these tough questions and more, HousingWire polled some of the brightest minds in the housing industry to get their predictions for the future. But more than just predictions, they spoke about how we’re going get to where we’re going, and what we all need to do to ready ourselves for what’s coming.
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From HW Magazine

Low-hanging fruit

Small doc management companies make tempting M&A targets
Brena Swanson
Every day, a new crop of technology companies works to develop solutions to solve something inefficient in the housing industry. And every day, they have to look over their shoulders.
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From HW Magazine

Hot Seat: Jason Hogg of B2R Finance

Providing an easier mortgage process for residential rental investors
The lenders serving owner-occupied and commercial buyers try to twist their products to fit the financing needs of the single-family rental investor, but continue to come up short. The needs of the SFR investor often don't align with the narrow box offered by traditional lenders and that's where we come in.
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From HW Magazine

Meeting the TRID deadline

Integrated Disclosure implementation and technology readiness
Beverly F. Smith
The industry has already spent an enormous amount of time understanding the new requirements. Because the rule was finalized late (in November 2013) and required a long lead time to clarify and understand it, technology firms have had a significantly shorter timeframe to develop and test software.
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