Freddie Mac: Here are the top 5 improving metro markets for housing

The Census Bureau is cooking the new home sales numbers

You can’t make bricks with imaginary straw

The 12 hottest housing markets right now

And the biggest losers in the price growth race

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November 2014 cover

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November 2014

Volume: 7
Edition: 11
From HW Magazine

2014 Women of Influence

HousingWire profiles leaders driving the 2014 housing economy forward
In what was the most competitive awards program to date, HousingWire is proud to recognize the professional accomplishments of 30 women -- spanning every sector of the U.S. housing economy. Read the stories of our 2014 honorees, and be inspired.
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From HW Magazine

Housing discrimination

The challenge of reconciling the government's stricter mortgage standards with its goals for fair housing
Ron Tester
If fair housing bluster were an Olympic event, the podium would be crowded with politicians and corporate mouthpieces. The injustice that once provoked marches and protests now evokes photo-ops and press releases. But have things truly changed?
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From HW Magazine

Women at the forefront

New initiatives seek to erase mortgage industry's gender imbalance
Kerry Curry
Earning the acceptance of male peers is only one of the many obstacles women face in the workplace. Globally, women outnumber men in universities and that disparity is growing, yet the average number of women in management positions remains flat. In short, there are more women than ever entering the workforce. So, why aren’t more making it to the top?
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From HW Magazine

The road less traveled

Ben Kinney's unconventional childhood informs his creative foray into real estate, social media and long-tail search engines
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I — I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference. — Robert Frost. Ben Kinney knows these words well, as he has lived them his entire life. His tale may sound apocryphal, but the path of Ben Kinney’s life did indeed diverge in the woods.
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From HW Magazine

Bull vs. Bear: First American Financial

Taking title in an uncertain housing market
First American Financial Corp (FAF) is showing promise despite an easing housing market, and it’s demonstrating better returns than market leader Fidelity National Financial (FNF). Should you invest for the long haul, or will future rising interest rates pull profits asunder?
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From HW Magazine

The land of milk and honey ... and homes

The fix to the country's lagging housing market may actually lie outside our own borders
John Steinbeck once wrote, "Socialism never took root in America because the poor see themselves not as an exploited proletariat but as temporarily embarrassed millionaires." Nowhere may this be truer than in looking at the housing aspirations of the nation’s immigrants.
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From HW Magazine

Tackling the TILA-RESPA problem

The mortgage industry faces a whole new set of rules
Jerry Halbrook
The sweeping CFPB TILA-RESPA integrated disclosures roll-out will affect almost every residential mortgage loan application that is submitted to a creditor on or after this date. Here, industry expert Jerry Halbrook dives into a breakdown of the wide-ranging impact of the new rule.
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