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Genworth: First-time homebuyers just don’t understand down payments

Top factors blocking first-time homebuyers
A new survey of mortgage industry executives conducted by Genworth Mortgage Insurance breaks down what the industry believes is blocking new buyers from the housing market. To no surprise, the seemingly unattainable 20% down payment for first-time homebuyers continues to be one of the biggest barriers into homeownership. Here’s what else the survey found.
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MGIC: Should borrowers wait to save 20% down or buy now?

Here’s the math to find out
Down payments are commonly cited as one of the most misunderstood parts of the home-buying process, as potential homebuyers hold off shopping until they can put 20% down on a home. A new calculator from MGIC helps solve this problem. Home shoppers can use the calculator to see if they should buy now or wait.
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Key to Millennial homeownership: Education

UWM says mortgage industry should do more to educate first-time homebuyers
A new study from United Wholesale Mortgage shows Millennials want to enter the housing market, but don’t know that they can. UWM explained the market needs to step up its game when it comes to first time homebuyers.
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Here’s how first-time homebuyers in U.S. stack up to their Canadian neighbors

U.S. falling behind when it comes to down payments
First-time homebuyers in Canada and the U.S. both seem to be putting off buying a home amid rising home prices. However, the similarity between the two countries ends once these first-time buyers decide to make their purchase. While homebuyers in the U.S. are increasingly looking to lower down-payment options, down payment amounts in Canada reached an all-time high.
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Here are the top 5 trends in real estate over the past 35 years

A look back at real estate from Realtors
Thirty-five years ago the housing market looked drastically different, with the word "internet" nowhere to be found and people laughing at the thought of getting less than a 4% mortgage rate. In anticipation of the National Association of Realtors' 2016 survey release on Oct. 31, NAR identified five noteworthy real estate trends since the survey’s inception.
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Millennials see housing price bubble on the horizon

Less than 40% say they can afford a down payment
Millennials are more likely than other generations to see another economic crash on the horizon. While many want homes, they are concerned with saving up enough for a down payment. The good news is that they haven’t given up on the American Dream, they just changed it slightly.
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From HW Magazine

Redefining skin in the game

How low-down mortgages can safely expand opportunities for homeownership
For many observers, “skin in the game” is synonymous with a large down payment that limits lender or investor risk. However, skin in the game can be defined much more broadly, since financial investment is only one factor that mitigates risk.
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NAR: Renters still not ready to buy a home

Consumers expect home prices to rise
With home prices rising, many homeowners and renters alike are less likely to say now is a good time to buy a home compared to last quarter. Actually, more are saying that now is a good time to sell a home, and that home prices will continue to rise. NAR’s chief economist explains why first-time homebuyers are hesitant to enter the market.
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