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Who wins the Super Bowl…of real estate?

Redfin deflates Patriots' homeowners

CFPB wants more mortgages in "underserved" areas

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Senate flip

How much will Republicans actually do in the next two years?
HousingWire Staff
Some economists believe the Republican sweep of both the Senate and House will reduce gridlock, increase pro-business legislation, and perhaps even lead to tax and immigration reform. One thing’s for certain — Democratic efforts to raise the minimum wage are now dead in the water.
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Despite predictions, McLean Mortgage witnesses strong 2014 originations

Comes close to 2013 levels
Brena Swanson
Last year was forecasted to be a very tight year for mortgage originations. But that prediction didn't come true for everyone, with McLean Mortgage Corporation reporting strong levels that even came close to 2013's numbers.
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Mortgage Bankers Association adds 21 new members

Closes 2014 with strong growth
Ben Lane
See who joined the Mortgage Bankers Association in the month of December.
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Mortgage applications surge incredible 49%

First week of January soars with largest weekly gain since Nov. 2008
Trey Garrison
After a weak holiday period, mortgage applications roared back the first week of January, with refinancings leading the way to an incredible weekly gain not seen since November 2008. Here’s why.
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Mortgage Bankers Association adds 14 new members

MBA continues its growth
Ben Lane
See who joined the Mortgage Bankers Association in the month of November.
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Another mortgage lender launches 3% down loan

Falls in line with FHFA
Brena Swanson
United Wholesale Mortgage is one of the first wholesale lenders to fall in line with the Federal Housing Finance Agency's newest initiative to expand the credit box to first-time homeowners, adding a 97% loan to value product to its offerings.
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18 Senators, mortgage bankers tell HUD: Time to lower FHA premiums

Letters cite health of MMIF as reason for lowering fees
Ben Lane
A group of 18 U.S. Senators and the Mortgage Bankers Association both sent letters to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development on Thursday, stating that the time has come for the Federal Housing Administration to lower its mortgage insurance premiums.
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The biggest obstacle to a mortgage market recovery that nobody is talking about

The high cost of servicing delinquent loans
Taz George and Laurie Goodman
These timelines are often difficult if not impossible to meet while meeting consumer protection rules put in place by states and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB).
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Good news! Closing a mortgage still makes money

Origination volumes rise, but profits are down slightly
Ben Lane
Breathe easy everyone. Originating a mortgage is still a profitable endeavor. But it wasn't always this way.
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Philadelphia Fed: Could principal reduction save bankrupt homeowners?

Mortgage lenders don't think so
Brena Swanson
Mortgage strip-downs were originally introduced after the housing crisis as a way to reduce the overwhelming amount of houses going into foreclosures. And while lenders successfully blocked the legislation, new data from the Philadelphia Fed shows that lenders may have had it wrong.
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