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Survey says! The biggest threats to housing: compliance burdens, access to credit

3% down products a start, but industry still needs work
The industry is making progress when it comes to access to credit and compliance, but the same headwinds that burdened the industry over the past year aren’t easing anytime soon, at least that’s what people inside the industry believe. Genworth Mortgage Insurance released the latest results on a survey of mortgage professionals at the 2016 Mortgage Bankers Association Annual Convention and Expo that gauge the state of the industry.
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MBA: 30-year mortgage rate now at highest level since start of 2016

Refinance volume disappearing
The impact of the election is even more apparent in this week’s mortgage application report. The previous report quickly brought an end to weeks of lackluster mortgage application reports, and this week’s report only further cements that. In light of this, the 30-year mortgage rate now sits at its highest weekly average since the beginning of 2016.
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Dave Stevens: The MBA's role in the Trump Administration

And the importance of housing finance
Sitting down with one of its own to get a better understanding of what exactly this election means for housing finance, the Mortgage Bankers Association interviewed its President and CEO Dave Stevens to get his thoughts on the election. One thing became clear, regardless of which side of the aisle people are on, housing finance is a big deal.
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Major trade groups urge Congress to renew two major homeowner tax provisions

Set to expire end of 2016
At the end of each year, Congress gets a massive pile of tax provisions that need to be renewed. This year two of the biggest tax provisions at the top of Congress’ pile impact housing and homeowners, especially first-time homebuyers. This year both provisions were projected to reduce federal revenue by $7.5 billion. Will next year be the same?
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Strong FHA annual report stirs up calls for mortgage insurance premium cut

Mutual Mortgage Insurance Fund grows for 4th straight year
Ed Golding, the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s principal deputy assistant secretary for housing, said Tuesday that the Federal Housing Administration is not considering cutting its mortgage insurance premiums, despite the FHA’s flagship fund showing growth for the fourth year in a row. But is the FHA’s current plan misguided? Several organizations think so.
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Mortgage applications post another humdrum week

Nearly identical to last repot
The Mortgage Bankers Association’s latest Weekly Mortgage Applications Survey looks extremely similar to the previous week’s report. Unfortunately, like last week, the change is very minor, continuing weeks of humdrum reports. This does, however, mark its lowest level since May 2016.
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As far as tech innovation goes, here’s where the industry’s headed

Short-term and long-term
Innovation is the new buzzword for the mortgage industry, replacing TRID, which instigated a less enthusiastic response. The Mortgage Bankers Association’s annual convention and expo in Boston late last month showed that the industry moved beyond the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure rule to its new focus, innovation. This is what it plans to do next.
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Want to disrupt the mortgage industry? Ask the decision makers

Here's who will drive this disruption
Throughout Digital Risk's recent "Break the Glass" Executive Women’s Sonoma Summit, attendees brainstormed how and why disruption in the mortgage industry should be spearheaded by one of the most influential, highly educated and fiscally responsible consumer groups – women. Who would better understand the differences, needs and wants of the major purchase decision makers than women?
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