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S&P/Case-Shiller: Home prices finally start to stabilize

First-time homebuyers still face barriers to entry
The National Home Price Index, covering all nine U.S. census divisions, increased 5.3% annually in February, breaking a 10-month streak where the year-over-year figure increased over the previous month. Could this finally be the end of rapidly increasing home prices? First-time homebuyers could definitely use the break.
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FNC: Home prices slightly increase

Home prices up in 16 major metros
The spring housing market appears to be off to a good start as U.S. home prices continue to climb after dropping unexpectedly in January. According to FNC’s housing economist, psychologically and economically, people prefer to buy homes when prices are rising than when they are falling.
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San Fran home prices fell? Wait, what?

Good news for the city famous for housing shortages
Tales of people renting out boxes abound from the chronicles of San Fran's recent struggles with housing. It's so bad, the housing situation actually has its own WIKIPEDIA page. So here's the shocker: Home prices in the San Francisco Bay Area actually FELL by 1.8%. Want to know why?
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Fitch: Texas homes overvalued by 10% to 15%

Decline in oil prices amplifies rising home evaluation
Rising home prices in Texas continue to grow at a more rapid rate than income growth, creating an overvaluation of 10% to 15%. After about several years of consecutive price increases, the market in Dallas became overvalued in 2014, and in Houston 2013.
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