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Trulia: Buying a home still cheaper than renting

Price to rent still outpaces rising home prices
Trulia’s new study shows that despite rising home prices, it is still cheaper to buy a home than to rent. While there’s talk about a rate hike this year, Trulia explains why potential homebuyers shouldn’t be concerned.
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Why now is the perfect time to invest in real estate

Housing is on an upswing
If you're on the fence about getting into real estate investing, now may be the best time to take that first dive into the business. While the real estate market is constantly moving up and down, in recent years, it appears to be on an upswing. Here are three reasons to help you get off the fence and make a decision.
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NAR forecasts heated housing market in 2017

Home sales to continue to increase next year
The National Association of Realtors and other experts predict home sales will continue to increase into 2017. While home sales may increase, NAR explains that housing inventory may continue to cause affordability problems.
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Looking to buy a home? Now is not the time

Housing affordability keeps homeownership out of reach
Fall is bringing with it new highs in home prices, crushing potential buyers' hopes for relief from the affordability crisis. While sellers continue to benefit with the rising prices, buyers are not so lucky. Even with interest rates near all-time lows, would-be buyers may struggle to enter the market.
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Summer housing market not cooling down this fall

BONUS: predicts hottest housing market in 10 years
Normally the hot summer real estate market cools off with the entrance of fall. That may not be the case this year. If you didn't sell your home this summer, it's not too late. In fact, this fall is about to see the hottest seller's market in 10 years.
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Pending home sales sink to lowest level since January

Further evidence housing recovery could stall
Pending home sales decreased in August following the previous month’s record high. It now seems July’s high could be an outcast as this marks the third month of declines in the past four. NAR’s chief economist warns of the consequences if the market doesn’t start to see more inventory soon.
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