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Pending home sales hit highest level since July

Existing home sales for 2016 expected to be at highest pace since 2006
Pending home sales increased slightly in October, by enough to hit the highest level since July. In fact, the National Association of Realtors' chief economist believes that, at this pace, this year could close out with the highest pace in existing home sales since 2006.
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FHFA: Deceleration in home prices short-lived

Some state increases top 10%
Home prices picked up speed in the third quarter, showing that the slow down seen earlier this year was temporary. Home prices increased even as much as 10% in several states. An economist from the Federal Housing Finance Agency explains the significant home price increase.
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Lucky numbers increase home prices?

Chinese superstition takes a toll on U.S. housing
The influx of Chinese buyers into the U.S. housing market means the market could also be subject to some of the culture’s superstitions. While many Chinese buyers would pay a premium for homes with lucky numbers in the address, they also expect a discount on homes where the address contains unlucky numbers.
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