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Another Texas city sees record-setting year in 2016

San Antonio home prices rise above $200K for first time
Another city in Texas saw a record-setting year for 2016 with its rising home prices, low housing inventory and high demand. While not on national top 10 lists for booming markets, San Antonio could very soon follow in the footsteps of its neighboring cities as markets in Texas continue to heat up.
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Here’s how much rent went up across America in 2016

Three charts show changes across the nation
It’s not only home prices that are on the rise, the cost to rent is going up, too, as renters continue to move from the suburbs into city centers. These charts show exactly how much rent changed across all the states, and even digs deeper into how rent changed across various cities.
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CoreLogic: Home prices grew more than 7% in November

Marks first time since May 2014
The final housing market reports of 2016 are still rolling in. CoreLogic’s assessment of the November housing market shows that home prices rose by 7.1%, which marks the first time prices exceeded 7% since May 2014. Moving into 2017, economists don’t expect the trend to change.
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Case-Shiller: Home prices rise in October, threaten affordability

And it’s not changing any time soon
Even though the U.S. economy is reporting robust job numbers and moderate wage growth, rising home prices, combined with rising interest rates, may make the housing market unaffordable for many. The latest home price report from Case-Shiller shows national home prices posted another rise in October after the previous report’s record high.
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ATTOM: Affordability at worst point since 2008

Percentage of unaffordable markets more than doubles
ATTOM Data Solutions released a new report showing that affordability is at its lowest point since 2008, and only getting worse as home prices increase and housing inventory goes down. The counties with unaffordable housing compared to their historic averages more than doubled. However, one economist completely disagrees.
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Homeowners nearly hit the mark on estimating home prices

Now just 1% off from appraised values
Homeowners got a step closer when it comes to estimating their home’s value. In fact, they are now only 1% off from appraised values. Quicken Loans’ chief economist expressed his hope that with this information the only surprises this holiday season are the ones wrapped under the tree.
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