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Looking to buy a home? Now is not the time

Housing affordability keeps homeownership out of reach
Fall is bringing with it new highs in home prices, crushing potential buyers' hopes for relief from the affordability crisis. While sellers continue to benefit with the rising prices, buyers are not so lucky. Even with interest rates near all-time lows, would-be buyers may struggle to enter the market.
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A perfect storm in Silicon Valley

How the Bay Area’s insane job market creates an unsustainable and even crazier housing situation
The Silicon Valley area added 385,000 jobs between 2010 and 2015, but only issued building permits for 58,000 units in that same time frame, creating an unsustainable housing marker that shuts out all but the richest buyers. What, if anything, can be done to cool off skyrocketing home prices?
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Best and worst housing markets for raising a family

WalletHub study looks at crime rates and family incomes
Deciding where to move your family can be difficult, especially when battling the market’s affordability crisis. By comparing the city’s crime rate, median income and other factors to determine the best and worst markets for families.
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Home sale volume in Texas hits all-time high

Home prices keep going up
Texas home sales and prices may be the only thing rising as fast as the summer temperatures in the Lone Star State. In fact, the Texas Association of Realtors says this quarter demonstrates an all-time high for sales volume in the state.
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Houston median home price hits record high in June

So much for the oil slump
Houston’s housing market just hit a new high in its median home price. On a year-to-date basis, home sales rose 2.7% versus June 2015. A sufficient supply of inventory and low interest rates should draw more homebuyers into the market in the weeks ahead.
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Which presidential candidate is better for housing?

Housing price recovery was stronger in states Clinton and Trump lost
Housing is no where near the top of the priority list for this year's presidential candidates, with many Americans unclear about where the candidates stand. However, it seems there is one clear candidate who people believe is more likely to cause an increase in home prices.
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