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A look at housing without rose-colored glasses

Let's look at the Fed rate
It is only one week into the new year and already reports are appearing that 2016 is going to be a wonderful year for housing. But if you take off the rose-colored glasses and look at the industry in a different light, it might change whether you think 2016 will be a good year.
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loanDepot CEO explains IPO cancelation

"IPO continues to be an option"
loanDepot Chairman and CEO Anthony Hsieh published a company blog to explain his thoughts on pulling its IPO, saying, "Unlike other IPO candidates, we’re already moving forward with our plans because of our capital reserves and the investor confidence we’ve earned beyond the IPO market. And while an IPO continues to be an option, perhaps one day in the future, it’s not a necessity."
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Trending Thursday: Staring right at the next housing crisis

Plus GSE reform is all sound, fury and nothing right now
There’s another housing crisis brewing, and it has nothing to do with housing price bubbles or the perpetual Fannie, Freddie conservatorship. Also, if the latest appraisal volume is an indicator of market strength, we're in trouble. All this and more.
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CoreLogic: 4.4 million properties remain underwater

759,000 properties regained equity in 2Q
A total of 759,000 properties regained equity in the second quarter of 2015, bringing the total number of mortgaged residential properties with equity at the end of Q2 2015 to approximately 45.9 million, or 91% of all mortgaged properties.
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Surge in sales leads to tighter housing market

Capital Economics: Housing market activity has seen gains favoring buyers
With limited numbers of existing homes coming onto the market, rising sales have led to very tight market conditions, according to a new client note from Capital Economics. This may be good for buyers and here's why.
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