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Redfin: Homes now selling faster than ever

Americans are leaving the big cities in droves
Many things are contributing to the fast-moving housing market, including home prices, inventory and low interest rates. Some smaller housing markets are even shocked at the changes; Americans, it seems, are fleeing big cities.
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Fitch: Coastal home prices diverge

A tale of two cities
While seemingly similar upon first glance, a closer look shows that New York City and San Francisco are two very different cities. Fitch’s new report shows the main causes for the differences in the housing markets for each city.
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Housing market on the verge of another crisis?

Market is starting to show some signs
Although the market may seem to be improving, some are beginning to wonder if we aren’t headed straight towards the next housing crisis, according to one press report. Here are some signs where the market is showing it might be on the verge of falling.
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Millennials locked out of Denver area

Lack of savings prevents Millennials from owning a home
As Millennials continue to struggle with increasing student loans and rising home prices, buying a home seems to only become more impossible. A new survey in Boulder County shows just how real these issues are.
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California pending home sales decrease for third consecutive month

Real estate deals also become increasingly harder to find
It’s no secret that California holds some of the hottest markets for real estate, but its ever-increasing sales prices and lack of new inventory is reducing the number of sales. The California Association of Realtors made predictions for the 2016 market, but how close were those predictions to reality?
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