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Warren, Sanders, other senators want answers from auditor KPMG on Wells Fargo

Senators question whether auditor knew of fake accounts
Wells Fargo is still answering for the more than 2 million fake accounts that 5,000 of the bank’s former employees opened in order to get sales bonuses, but now, a group of senators want to know if the bank’s auditor knew about the fake accounts too and whether the auditor did anything about it.
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Are mortgage lenders ready for a total makeover?

The time has come to transform how business gets done

Is it possible that in the coming years we will live in a world where the future becomes flexible enough to accommodate the things we can’t see or even imagine? The term for this is the “unknown’s unknown” — where the trends and disrupters that are hard to understand today will have a dramatic unforeseen impact on how we do business tomorrow.

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How do borrowers define excellence?

Winning your next customer over requires innovative thinking
Why can’t the consumer have total transparency and track their loan (start to finish) through a smartphone application? Borrower surveys point to the time between application and approval as being the most stressful for borrowers. If anxiety is driven by the unknown, shouldn’t lenders take the unknown out of the equation?
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KPMG adds Larry Walker as managing director

Joins mortgage and consumer lending group
“Larry’s unique background combining top level hands-on mortgage industry operational and consulting experience is indispensable to our clients as they seek critical assistance navigating the complex mortgage and consumer lending market,” said Mark Twerdok, KPMG partner.
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Game Over: New Century Won't Be Bought

News broke late yesterday that New Century will shutter the rest of its business, laying off the remaining 2,000 employees it had been keeping in hopes of finding a buyer. Bloomberg reported yesterday that company officials finally conceded what I'd suspected all along -- that nobody wanted to touch New Century, even with a 10-foot stick.
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Fannie Mae Files Suit Against KPMG

Fannie Mae announced today that it has filed suit against KPMG LLP, the company's former outside auditor, for negligence and breach of contract in a complaint filed today with the Superior Court of the District of Columbia. Company executives were not available to comment further at press time.
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