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The challenge of the ability-to-repay rule in 2014

Panel on non-traditional mortgage investments takes a look
Trey Garrison
How far does the ability-to-repay rule obligate lenders? The definitions are hazy and there's a world of new precedent that could be set in courts.
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Game Over: New Century Won't Be Bought

Paul Jackson
News broke late yesterday that New Century will shutter the rest of its business, laying off the remaining 2,000 employees it had been keeping in hopes of finding a buyer. Bloomberg reported yesterday that company officials finally conceded what I'd suspected all along -- that nobody wanted to touch New Century, even with a 10-foot stick.
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Report: KPMG to Countersue FNMA

Paul Jackson
London-based Accountancy Age is reporting in conjunction with Reuters this morning that KPMG will countersue US mortgage giant Fannie Mae.
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Fannie Mae Files Suit Against KPMG

Paul Jackson
Fannie Mae announced today that it has filed suit against KPMG LLP, the company's former outside auditor, for negligence and breach of contract in a complaint filed today with the Superior Court of the District of Columbia. Company executives were not available to comment further at press time.
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