Monday Morning Cup of Coffee: Goldman's $1B FHFA settlement?

Monday Morning Cup of Coffee: Goldman's $1B FHFA settlement?

America’s lost decade; FHA fees drag; Mortgage lending, RMBS slow to a crawl

Here’s why the FHFA is not a fan of principal reduction

Who's going to pay for that?

Before you judge Dodd-Frank...

Urban Institute: "Can we really calculate the cost?"

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Wells Fargo originations up 31%, executive excitement not

Results defy industry trends
July 11, 2014
Despite beating analyst expectations for its second-quarter earnings, Wells Fargo executives are less than thrilled about the origination results. But not everyone in the industry shares that opinion.
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KBW: Plan to wind down GSEs will fail

Analysts say GSEs' survival chances keep improving
June 13, 2014
KBW’s analysts predict that the Treasury will eventually shift its focus from winding down the GSEs to seeking to unwind its investment in the companies. But the analysts said that this shift could take several years.
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Here’s what Walter Investment tells investors about the rest of 2014

Execs share company’s future plans
June 3, 2014
Panelists at a KBW mortgage finance confernce said that Walter Capital, an externally managed real estate investment trust the company plans to launch in the 2nd quarter, could purchase MSRs and use Green Tree Servicing, which Walter also owns, as the sub-servicer.
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Looks like GSE reform talks will stretch into 2017, at least

The GSE debate is a fixture at this point
April 30, 2014
Even if the Johnson-Crapo bill does make it out of committee, which is no guarantee at this point, KBW’s analysts think the bill will “languish and die” this year.
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Here are 5 bold mortgage predictions from KBW

Q1 mortgage volume predicted to be $20 billion lower
April 16, 2014
Analysts from Keefe, Bruyette & Woods have joined the prognostication party and released their own predictions for what the first quarter earnings will look like and what that means for the rest of the year.
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Homebuilders drive into peak season

75% of annual returns are made from November to January
October 30, 2013
Homebuilders are driving into their peak season, with more than 75% of annual homebuilder returns historically generated in the November-to-January time frame due to growth in demand in advance of the upcoming spring selling season.
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FHA bailout pushes federal deficit to $22B

MMI fund to reach its capital ratio requirement by 2017
October 22, 2013
With the Federal Housing Administration drawing $1.7 billion from the Treasury into its Mutual Mortgage Insurance Fund for the first time in FHA history, the balance of the fund ended up costing the federal government a hefty sum.
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Investors focus on ramping up occupancy rates

Analysts note slower pace of purchases on new properties
September 18, 2013
Institutional investors notably slowed their pace of purchases in an attempt to focus on ramping up occupancy rates on rental units. Because of this, many are left wondering about the potential impact of a rise in rates and a moderation in investor demand.
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Homebuilders face high lumber prices

Builders also struggling to obtain construction credit
August 23, 2013
A number of recent reports would point toward a thriving market for homebuilders. However, builders are coming up against a number of problems that are seemingly jolting their success lately.
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Investors weigh in on rental home sales

August 6, 2013
Investors are battling against the uncertain future of the rental market and creating a debate over their home sales options.
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