Ocwen's regulatory burdens send up red flags and drive down stock price

Ocwen's regulatory burdens send up red flags and drive down stock price

Analysts lower price target, Citi drops buy recommendation

Activist investors critique Zillow, Trulia deal

Valuations skyrocket while earnings expectations have fallen

4 factors weighing down housing in the second half of 2014

Will housing collapse?

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Before reading into the homeownership rate drop…

Kolko puts numbers into perspective
July 29, 2014
Although the national homeownership rate is dropping slightly, it doesn't warrant a significant amount of concern, according to Trulia’s chief economist.
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Is this the way to cut housing costs when facing hardship?

The household is the biggest household expense
July 23, 2014
What’s the No. 1 way people would reduce their housing costs if they were hit with an unexpected financial burden?
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Is wage stagnation keeping homebuyers away?

Home price increases are outpacing wage growth
July 10, 2014
"Nationally, asking prices rose faster than wages per worker in 95 of the 100 largest metros,” said Trulia's chief economist Jed Kolko.
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Trulia: We are not headed toward another housing bubble

Home prices still undervalued nationally
June 24, 2014
“We’d be at greater risk of heading toward a bubble if price gains were still accelerating, but they’re not,” Trulia's Chief Economist Jed Kolko said. “Even in the bubbliest markets, it’s not 2006 all over again.”
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International buyers are looking for more than just vacation homes

Focus shifts to urban areas
June 19, 2014
Potential buyers from outside the United States are looking more to urban areas instead of the traditional vacation areas. Maybe the beach isn't enough anymore.
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The home price explosion has stopped

Trulia economist: Here’s why that’s a good thing
June 5, 2014
According to Trulia’s Price Monitor report for May, none of the 100 largest metros had a year-over-year price gain of more than 20%. That’s the first time that’s happened since July 2012.
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Trulia: 10 most out-of-touch housing markets

The vast divide in conforming loan limits and reality
April 28, 2014
As the whispers of housing reform start to grow into greater fruition, the topic of conforming loan limits is brought up as well. This list of top 10 housing markets with the highest share of for-sale homes above the local loan limits shows just how out of touch limits are.
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Trulia: The 10 fastest- and slowest-moving markets

The No. 1 spot may surprise you
April 23, 2014
Trulia has put together a list of the fastest- and slowest-moving housing markets in America.
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Near-stagnation March jobs report leaves unemployment rate unchanged

Good housing news in construction jobs, young-adult employment
April 4, 2014
Employers added 192,000 jobs in March, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, missing expectations with near-stagnation level job creation.
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Trulia economist gets asked great questions on Reddit

Here are his best answers
March 28, 2014
Kolko answered questions ranging from the outlook of the national home market to whether buying a home is even a sound investment anymore.
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