Bank of America: 'We provide all required MSR documents'

Bank of America: 'We provide all required MSR documents'

Responds to Ginnie Mae MSR transfer block

Fannie, Freddie settlements eat into PNC earnings

Earnings barely move from 4Q13

Here are 5 bold mortgage predictions from KBW

Q1 mortgage volume predicted to be $20 billion lower

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The new reason behind financial job cuts

It's not a pullback in originations
March 6, 2014
The financial sector experienced the largest number of layoffs in February compared to other sectors, but unlike recent reports, the cuts follow successful companies taking proactive steps in adjusting to new realities.
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Financial sector continues bleeding jobs

Sector records 60,962 job cuts for 2013
January 9, 2014
Despite overall improvement in the 2013 jobs market, the financial sector took a beating this past year, becoming the industry where employers cut the most. The sector recorded 60,962 job cuts for 2013, up 49% from 41,008 in 2012.
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Housing market feeds off positive economic reports

Layoffs decline, GDP increases
December 5, 2013
A few positive economic reports painted a more optimistic picture of the American housing market. But will a recent decline in layoffs and higher GDP translate into long-term housing gains?
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Financial sector cuts 8,717 jobs

November 6, 2013
The financial sector posted the second biggest job cuts, with only the pharmaceutical sector ahead of it, as 8,717 layoffs were announced in October.
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Employers announced 50,462 layoffs in August

Planned cuts reach a six-month high
September 5, 2013
Planned layoffs jumped 33.8% from July to August, with employers announcing 50,462 cuts last month, the highest level reached in six months.
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Climbing housing market slowed by tepid jobs recovery

July 3, 2013
Increased home sales and rising home prices set the construction sector up for potential growth, but the overall job market remains lackluster. Job cuts in the financial...
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Jobless claims fall by 6,000 filings, planned job cuts drop by 27%

April 5, 2012
Jobless claims across the U.S. fell by 6,000 filings with the country recording 357,000 unemployment insurance claims for the week ending March 31. That is down...
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Jobless claims up 8,000 last week

March 8, 2012
The number of initial jobless claims rose last week, but stayed below 400,000 once again. Claims continue to hover near the lowest level in four years.The...
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