Wealthier Americans mean a bigger bond market

Wealthier Americans mean a bigger bond market

More liquidity means more debt

Top 10 fastest growing cities in the nation

Most already home to thousands of millennials

3 reasons why California housing is about to go bust

The money is drying up

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Realtors to FHA: Your mortgage insurance rates drive buyers away

Claims as many as 375,000 buyers were priced out of the market in 2013
Ben Lane
Letter claims that as many as 125,000 to 375,000 prospective buyers were priced out of the market in 2013 by the FHA’s high insurance premiums and mortgage insurance requirement.
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FHA to review new condo restrictions

Jon Prior
The Federal Housing Administration may revise recent regulations some say are hurting purchases and refinances for condominiums.Last year, the FHA implemented several new restrictions on condo...
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Risks remain for FHA insurance fund, Donovan says

Justin T. Hilley
Despite the unprecedented efforts of the administration to alter the trajectory of the Federal Housing Administration, considerable risks remain, Housing and Urban Development Secretary Shaun Donovan...
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Galante assures Congress FHA 'not broke'

Jon Prior
Federal Housing Administration Commissioner Carole Galante assured lawmakers again the agency would not need a taxpayer-funded bailout."The FHA is not broke," Galante said at a house...
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