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FHFA's Watt reiterates that housing finance reform must come from Congress

Tells bankers' conference that reform effort goes beyond GSEs
On Thursday, while Department of the Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin told members of the Senate about the Trump administration’s plans for housing finance reform, Federal Housing Finance Agency Director Mel Watt said that the heavy lifting on housing finance reform needs to come from Congress.
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Urban Institute: Demand for institutional SFR financing will grow

GSEs need guidelines for role in rental market
Fannie Mae recently peeked into the single-family rental space, and the FHFA began to examine the possibility of GSE involvement in the SFR market. The Urban Institute published a report, explaining why Invitation Homes was a good place for Fannie to begin, and what the GSEs should focus on when deciding their future role in the market.
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Fannie, Freddie release official strategy to serve underserved markets

FHFA requests public input on proposed 3-year plans
Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac released their three-year plans for Duty to Serve Underserved Markets. Now, the FHFA is asking for feedback from the industry. The Duty to Serve program, mandated by the Housing and Economic Recovery Act of 2008, requires the GSEs to lay out their plans to serve three specified, underserved markets to deliver more affordable housing.
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House committee considers bill to open records at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

Budget office reports cost estimate
The House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform is considering a bill that would force Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to comply with the Freedom of Information Act while under government conservatorship. The Congressional Budget Office released its report on what the bill would costs the GSEs and the FHFA.
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Castle & Cooke Mortgage president appointed to Fannie Mae Single-Family Risk Advisory Board

The board shapes Fannie Mae's credit policies
"Given the important role Fannie Mae plays in our housing economy, this appointment is a real honor. I look forward to sharing my insights with other board members and working together to address important industry challenges," Castle & Cooke Mortgage President and Chief Operating Officer Adam Thorpe said of his new role with Fannie Mae.
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Think compliance is hard now? Wait till the new HMDA regs kick in

Notes from the compliance town hall at the Ellie Mae Experience conference
“I’m amazed that we can’t do HMDA right — it’s been around since the 70s,” said Jack Konyk, executive director of government affairs for Weiner, Brodsky, Kider. “If you can’t get HMDA right now when there are only, for example, three possible demographic answers, God help you next year when there are over 20.”
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Mortgage-backed security market to make a comeback in 2017

Higher interest rates facilitate return of securitization economics
While the housing market slowly recovered after the recession, the residential mortgage-backed security market did not. There were several reasons for the stagnation, including the market dominance from the GSEs. However, the RMBS market is preparing to make a comeback in 2017.
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