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Done deal: AIG finalizes sale of United Guaranty to Arch Capital Group

Initial reports placed sale price at $3.4 billion
American International Group officially closed the sale of its mortgage-guaranty unit United Guaranty to Arch Capital Group on Dec. 31, 2016, the companies announced Tuesday morning. Initial reports of the deal placed the sale price of United Guaranty at approximately $3.4 billion, but the companies did not disclose a final sale price.
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Groundbreaker: AIG insures crisis-era United Guaranty mortgage insurance policies

Risk-transfer deals just jumped to a whole other level
By its own admission, American International Group is set to break ground in the risk-transfer space. The company announced Monday that it obtained an insurance policy designed to cover any losses the company might suffer on a series of crisis-era mortgages that are currently insured by its mortgage insurance subsidiary, United Guaranty.
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AIG plans to take mortgage insurer United Guaranty public

Activist investors are pushing for company split
Ceding to pressure from activist investors, American International Group plans to take its mortgage insurer, United Guaranty, public later this year. AIG cites several reasons why the United Guaranty is poised to succeed in the future, including the "improving fundamentals of the housing market," "favorable long-term demographic drivers," and "higher credit quality of new mortgage originations."
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Was the rescue of the Too Big To Fails even legal?

Lawsuit on AIG bailout may provide the answer
Reuters reports that one of the most interesting things coming out of the trial that began Monday is that finally someone is asking whether the federal government’s rescue of American International Group was even legal.
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