Looking back, the housing industry is totally Scrooged

Looking back, the housing industry is totally Scrooged

Here's the HousingWire/Star Wars Christmas 2014 special

FHA loans could face "tidal wave of defaults"

All indices hit series high

Another mortgage lender launches 3% down loan

Falls in line with FHFA

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The biggest obstacle to a mortgage market recovery that nobody is talking about

The high cost of servicing delinquent loans
Taz George and Laurie Goodman
These timelines are often difficult if not impossible to meet while meeting consumer protection rules put in place by states and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB).
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A new era of solutions

Recapping last week's posts and tech progress this year
Mark McElroy

Solutions exist today that can help with a large majority of the business process shifts that will result from the rule. And the last year has provided an opportunity for them to solve things further.  

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TILA-RESPA technology cheat sheet

What you need to know when investing in a digital closing solution
Matt Corcoran

If you fired off an email, handed the consumer a brochure, or even simply talked about something face-to-face, how will you record or determine if the consumer engaged that content? The digital delivery of educational content will be key to not only getting the consumer to interact with it, but tracking what the consumer actually accessed.

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Industry professionals must satisfy both client and legislative requirements

Industry professionals must maintain quality services and execute them in a timely manner to remain in business and now, more than ever, there is no room to fail.

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CFPB fields myriad complaints from within

Working conditions still above federal standard
Brena Swanson
According to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s annual employee survey, the workers are most concerned with the leadership and management. More money and recognition is also an issue among the regulator's staffers.
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Survey: CFPB employee morale drops significantly

Distrust of CFPB senior leadership is growing
Ben Lane
Employee morale among the employees at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is falling and it’s falling fast. The CFPB's annual employee survey shows that employee morale has shifted in a distinctly negative direction in 2014.
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CFPB proposes 7 big changes to foreclosure process for mortgage servicers

Adds guidance on extended borrower protections
Brena Swanson
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is proposing additional measures to ensure that homeowners are treated fairly by mortgage servicers. Here are the key changes.
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CFPB: Don’t discriminate against borrowers on Social Security disability

Issues warning to lenders
Ben Lane
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau issued a warning to lenders, ordering them not to discriminate against borrowers who are receiving Social Security disability income.
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GOP Congress likely to reform CFPB in 2015

Street: Fannie, Freddie reform unlikely in 114th Congress
Trey Garrison
There won’t be any real movement on GSE reform, but there may be a serious heeling of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, according to one mortgage finance expert. That's a very different line than the one being published by HUD secretary, Julian Castro.
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Elizabeth Warren chosen for Senate Democratic leadership

Will serve as adviser to Democratic Policy and Communications Committee
Ben Lane
Senator Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., who has long been at the forefront of Washington’s fight for financial reform, will now serve in an even more prominent position in the Senate.
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