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House votes to revamp Qualified Mortgage rules

Presidential veto is looming
The House of Representatives voted Wednesday to change the definition of “Qualified Mortgage,” opening the door to a potentially seismic change in the mortgage lending landscape. But will the President play along?
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Dodd-Frank continues to smother mortgage lending

ABA survey: 78% say less credit available, 1/3 only do QM
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s mortgage lending rules continue to cause a reduction in credit availability, with 19% of mortgage lenders surveyed saying the impact is “severe.” Want to know more?
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Democrats push new bill allowing community banks to exceed QM rule

Bill has broad support among Democratic committee members
The leading Democrats on both the Senate Banking Committee and the House Financial Services Committee are pushing a new bill designed to provide regulatory relief to community banks and increase consumer protections. Most notable among the bill’s provisions is a stipulation that would allow smaller banks to exceed the QM rules while still qualifying for QM Safe Harbor.
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Student debt costs housing $83B a year

Analysts: Skyrocketing higher ed costs create enormous drag
For more than a year HousingWire has been reporting on the link between high levels of student loan debt and the struggling housing recovery. Now there is a real value. And it's staggering.
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NAR fights in support of mini-correspondent lenders

Urges CFPB not to restrict access to credit
The National Association of Realtors is urging the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau not to disrupt the imperative role mini correspondent lenders play in the home-buying process for Realtors. Too many rules can impede the process as much as too little, NAR warns.
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