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FDIC prepared to dismantle top banks

The Federal Insurance Deposit Corp. is allowed to dismantle a firm if it cannot pass through bankruptcy without posing a significant threat to the financial system. Dodd-Frank gives the FDIC the power to do that, and they plan to use it if needed.
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The true price of bank failures

Estimated cost versus actual cost
The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. estimates how much it will cost the insurance fund every time it seizes a bank. But the estimated cost and the actual cost don't always match up, leading to deeper losses than expected.
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Judge tosses out BofA suit against FDIC

Lawsuit is over $1.7 million in investor losses
A federal judge dismissed Bank of America’s lawsuit against the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. over $1.7 billion in investor losses stemming from the collapse of a large regional bank and a large mortgage lender back in 2009.
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Bank regulators debate lender risk rules

How much skin-in-the-game should a bank have?
The Federal Insurance Deposit Corp. is finally meeting on Aug. 28 to address the issue of how much skin-in-the-game lenders should carry after originating mortgages sold off onto the secondary market.
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