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Dick Bove: Where will the mortgage money come from?

Equity analyst not sure there's an answer
In light of Rafferty Capital Markets equity analyst Dick Bove's obvious bias, there's no denying he has a valid point: the primary source of mortgage financing in this nation is under threat. That threat is not only inaction but political wrong-headedness.
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Fannie Mae announces plans to securitize re-performing loans

Mortgage bonds built on previously delinquent loans coming later this year
Less than two weeks after the Federal Housing Finance Agency announced that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac will be reducing the principal on as many as 33,000 delinquent or underwater borrowers, Fannie Mae announced it now plans to begin securitizing loans that were once delinquent.
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Fannie Mae shifts more credit risk to insurers with latest deal

Completes 10th Credit Insurance Risk Transfer transaction
Fannie Mae announced Thursday that it completed its latest effort to shift some of its credit risk away from the taxpayers and onto private insurers. The latest deal, CIRT 2016-3, is Fannie Mae’s 10th Credit Insurance Risk Transfer deal since the program began in 2013.
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Matt Taibbi: Government secretly plans Wall Street takeover of Fannie, Freddie

Rolling Stone's Wall Street hatchet-man on the hidden truth of #FannieGate
If Rolling Stone's Matt Taibbi is to be believed, yes, there absolutely was a government conspiracy behind the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac bailout. And now, the government is fighting tooth and nail to keep the evidence of that conspiracy a secret, all while plotting something far more insidious. But is he saying something we don't already know?
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EXCLUSIVE: Fannie Mae completes fresh round of layoffs

Personnel reduction linked to lower distressed assets
Fannie Mae is moving forward with plans to reduce its office space across the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Additionally, the government-sponsored enterprise also started letting staff go as the effects of the housing crisis are still being felt.
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FHFA announces new rules for non-performing loan buyers

Buyers must evaluate certain borrowers for modification
According to the FHFA, analysts and advocates have raised concerns that investors may walk away from the most challenging loans in NPL pools, leaving vacant houses in neighborhoods and contributing to blight and decay.
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FHFA principal reduction plan garners mixed reaction from housing industry

Some love it, others not so much
It’s only been a short time since the Federal Housing Finance Agency shook up the housing industry by announcing that it plans to begin offering principal reductions to certain borrowers, but reactions from both sides are beginning to trickle in. Some in the housing industry love it, some believe that the FHFA's plan doesn't go far enough, while others are concerned that the program sets a "dangerous precedent."
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FHFA makes it official: Principal reduction is coming

Plan is 'final crisis-era' modification program
A day that many in the housing industry thought would never come is finally and actually here, as the FHFA is making it official – widespread principal reduction is coming. In what it is calling a "final crisis-era modification program," the FHFA announced Thursday that it will be launching a principal reduction program for some borrowers whose loans are owned or guaranteed by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac.
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