Fannie Mae: 3 reasons why this oil glut won't crash housing

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Fannie Mae just made it easier to get a mortgage

Lending product HomeReady expands to include refis
The government is once again expanding access to credit in an effort to capture a wider audience by making homeownership more available through Fannie Mae’s latest update. These new changes make it easier and simpler for both lenders and borrowers.
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HUD moves to officially revise FHA lien pecking order

Obama administration moves to curb super priority liens
Echoing similar calls late last year from the Federal Housing Finance Agency to preserve the first-lien status of loans guaranteed by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the Department of Housing and Urban Development announced Monday that it intends to prioritize liens created by the Federal Housing Administration. So which loans are now subordinate?
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FHFA: Fannie, Freddie risk-sharing bonds are here to stay

And plenty more are coming too
It looks like the credit risk-sharing bonds from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac aren’t going away anytime soon. In fact, according to a new report from the Federal Housing Finance Agency, the three-year-old risk-sharing program, which is designed to help alleviate some of the financial risk for the taxpayers and attract private capital back into the market, is going to expand and improve on its current structure.
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The CEOs of Fannie and Freddie deserve a raise

Senators Warren and Vitter should realize this bargain
Fannie Mae has returned $24.7 billion more than it received, and Freddie Mac has returned $25 billion more than it received. So Layton and Mayopoulos get $600,000 each for creating a $50 billion surplus, while the CEOs of GM and Ally made $9.5 million and $9 million when their companies still owed the government $32.1 billion. How does this make any sense?
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