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Home Depot stocking up for remodeling wave?

Dive deeper into the numbers and a strategy emerges
Today's earnings come on the heels of a weak building permits and housing starts report from the department of commerce. A closer look at those numbers, and Home Depot's, reveal a potential, bold strategy for the renovation retailer. Here it is.
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Capital Economics: GDP growth likely to underwhelm in 2016

GDP rises 0.5% in 1Q
While some of the headwinds that restricted first-quarter GDP growth will disappear in the second half of the year, it would still take a lot to salvage GDP for the year. And as the Bureau of Economic Analysis cautions, the first-quarter advance estimate is based on data that is incomplete or subject to further revision.
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No, this is not the end of refinance mortgage applications

Recent decrease not expected to become a trend
While the market saw a decline in mortgage applications during February, economists do not believe the trend will continue. Influenced in part by the seasonal market, as the job market improves, economists believe the housing market will continue to steadily increase throughout 2016.
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Proof the housing market can survive a Fed interest rate hike

The reason behind the drop in mortgage apps
Although mortgage applications significantly tumbled this week, the Federal Reserve’s recent interest rate hike is not to blame. The market was ready and prepared for that shock. Instead, this Capital Economics report gives a new explanation, with a positive outlook for housing this year.
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Inventory shortages will continue to dent housing well into 2016

Capital Economics sets new forecasts for home sales
While this past year struggled to keep a high level of inventory on the market, it's looking like next year won't be any better. And despite demand slowly recovering, low inventory levels have weighed on home sales and put upwards pressure on house prices. So just how tight will next year be?
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Easing lending standards bring back first-time buyers

Capital Economics: The housing recovery needs this
Easing mortgage standards are allowing first-time homebuyers to finally jump into the housing market after a rough start to the year held a lot of them back. A new Capital Economics report attributed some of the reason that lenders are now more willing to relax lending conditions to these two things.
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Is the rental market about to bust?

Capital Economics: The true tightness of the rental market
The status of the rental market is buried beneath two seemingly different market indicator reports. However, after a little digging, a new Capital Economics report discovered the likely reason behind the two opposing indicators, noting things are not as bad as they appear.
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