Julián Castro sworn in, spends first day as HUD Secretary

Julián Castro sworn in, spends first day as HUD Secretary

Former San Antonio mayor takes over for Shaun Donovan

Blackstone adviser: Investors worried about ‘serious correction’

Byron Wien still holds his line

It’s official: Zillow will own Trulia

"Better agents make for better advertisers"

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Capital Economics: US economy about to shift into high gear

Woo-hoo! Higher wages on the way!
July 11, 2014
“The fiscal drag has eased, household debt has fallen to more manageable levels and property prices have recovered,” according to the executive summary of the third quarter Global Economic Outlook from the analytics firm.
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Here’s why ADP’s optimistic May jobs report is troubling

Stagnation level job creation may be worse than reported
June 4, 2014
Job creation didn’t come to a standstill in the first quarter despite the fact that the economy shrank by 1%, but the ADP forecast for May job creation is troubling. Despite all the “pent-up demand” traditional pundits have been crowing about, May’s numbers are seriously weak, and that’s coming from an optimistic report.
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Private capital is returning to the mortgage market

Shrinking spread between jumbo and conforming mortgages is a positive indicator
April 11, 2014
“We think that the decline in the jumbo-conforming mortgage interest rate spread is a positive sign for the future of the mortgage market,” Capital Economics Property Economist Paul Diggle said.
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The weather is improving but housing conditions are not — here's why

Is the housing recovery stalling?
February 21, 2014
Yes, the weather is inhibiting housing but so are mortgage rates. Could it actually be a conglomeration of variables that are causing a stall in housing recovery?
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Is snow a good or bad forecast for housing?

February work days slip even further down
February 14, 2014
February already falls in at the low end for monthly day counts, but that in compilation with this week’s snowstorm, President’s Day weekend and another winter storm in the forecast, puts this month even lower in count. So what does this mean for housing?
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Janet Yellen must face these 5 challenges head on

Will she be Action Janet or Caretaker Janet?
February 7, 2014
Like the 12 labors of Hercules, here are the five challenges facing new Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen.
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Is the growing market share of ARMs cause for concern?

Capital Economics wants to know
February 4, 2014
The economics company states the adjusted rate mortgage appears to be in the middle of something akin to a renaissance. And it gives three reasons this trend is not a heart stopper.
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How can 2014 home sales outpace 2013?

One research firm thinks it knows
January 20, 2014
Sales will pick up, and they will even get a boost from rising prices lifting equity for existing owners/potential buyers who need to put down larger payments down. That's what Capital Economics is betting.
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A "recovery" that needs life support

What happens when they pull the plug?
January 17, 2014
Whether housing is in a bubble depends on how a bubble is defined, of course, but there are some startling disparities in home prices and incomes.
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3 things to know about interest rates in 2014

Whether they rise or not, things are going to change
January 10, 2014
There is a lot of pressure on interest rates to rise, but how much they will and what effect a hike will have is subject to debate. It's like everyone is walking a tight rope.
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