Regulatory uncertainty, toxic environment drive Wells Fargo, Prospect out of MSAs

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Question remains: When will interest rates start rising?

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Georgia MLS to send listings directly to Zillow

Becomes latest member of Zillow Partnership Platform
While the Zillow Group may be embroiled in a legal battle with Move over Move-owned ListHub’s decision to terminate its listing agreement with Trulia, that hasn’t stopped Zillow from working to reach agreements with multiple listing services to provide listing data directly to Zillow. The latest to reach such an agreement is the Georgia Multiple Listing Service.
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State of Georgia bans two lenders for employing felons

Employing felons violates Georgia state law
Alabama-based Hometown Lenders and California-based Sun West Mortgage Company have both been ordered to surrender their Georgia mortgage lending licenses and were fined by the Georgia Department of Banking and Finance for the violations.
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What’s the latest with Nat Hardwick and LandCastle Title?

We haven’t forgotten about this story, even if everyone else has
When HousingWire first broke the news of Fidelity National Financial “stepping in” as a 70% owner of LandCastle Title, little did we know what was to come in the following days. Since then, LandCastle's former CEO Nathan (Nat) Hardwick has been accused of embezzling more than $30 million. Where do we stand a week later? HousingWire investigates.
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Who is Nat Hardwick?

Former LandCastle Title CEO owns NASCAR team, rubs elbows with PGA pros
Since HousingWire first broke the news of his resignation on Tuesday, former LandCastle Title CEO Nat Hardwick’s internet presence has slowly been disappearing, but a HousingWire investigation has revealed exactly what kind of lifestyle Hardwick led prior to the news of this week becoming public.
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Former LandCastle Title CEO’s attorney calls embezzlement charges "false"

Says Nat Hardwick is not guilty of any improper, illegal or unethical conduct
“Anybody who knows Nat knows that he loves the law firm, its employees, the attorneys and the firm’s many loyal clients,” Ed Garland, the attorney representing Nat Hardwick, said in a statment. “He would never knowingly or intentionally take money he was not entitled to or harm the firm or its clients in any way. The law firm was profitable, and Nat believed that all of the money he received was properly distributed to him as his share of the profits of the firm.”
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Lawsuit alleges former LandCastle Title CEO embezzled $30 million

Nat Hardwick allegedly used funds for private jets, gambling
The lawsuit alleges that former CEO Nat Hardwick used his access to “systematically deplete” the firm’s and title company’s accounts for “his personal benefit.” According to the court records, Hardwick allegedly misappropriated at least $30 million from the companies’ accounts through various measures. The news came to light after Fidelity National Financial bailed out LandCastle Title and stepped in as 70% owner.
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