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Cash homebuyers threaten to overheat some markets

Nationwide, cash homebuyers receive an average discount of 23%
While the majority of cash homebuyers received an average discount of 23%, this can't be said for everyone. The select few markets where cash buyers ended up paying a premium could be in danger of overheating.
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Foreclosures now lowest since housing crisis

Interactive map shows Q1 activity
Although March may have seen an increase in foreclosure activity, for the quarter the numbers were still down. In fact, quarterly foreclosure activity is now at its lowest level since 2006, but still 25% higher than pre-crisis numbers.
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DIMONT announces investment from Renovo Capital

Plans to benefit from Renovo's sector expertise
Private equity fund Renovo Capital already has broad experience in the housing economy as the owner of RealtyTrac and Homefacts. Now the fund is expanding its presence with an investment in DIMONT, a specialty insurance and loan administration solutions provider.
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Should you buy a home closer to a Walmart or Target?

There's a catch
While it doesn't take long to find a local Walmart or Target, there is a difference between the two when it comes to which one you should purchase a home near. A RealtyTrac analysis compares home values, price appreciation and property taxes in U.S. ZIP codes with both stores. Here's which one gives homeowners the best returns.
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These are the top 5 most vacant cities in the U.S.

Not quite ghost towns, yet
The housing market continues to recover from the recent financial crisis. For the month of February, a recent RealtyTrac report shows that vacancy and “zombie foreclosures” are down 4% from a year ago nationwide. However, there are still some minority markets where its increasing.
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