Bank of America: 'We provide all required MSR documents'

Bank of America: 'We provide all required MSR documents'

Responds to Ginnie Mae MSR transfer block

17% of homes with a mortgage seriously underwater

Share of underwaters continues slow decline

Here are 5 bold mortgage predictions from KBW

Q1 mortgage volume predicted to be $20 billion lower

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5 ways children hold the key to housing’s future

Why did the housing bust happen in the first place?
March 10, 2014
The market came to a screeching halt during the financial crisis, but it wouldn’t have had to if the market did one thing: emphasize education.
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Does the CFPB need to lighten up?

Maybe it's time for everyone to just go a little easier
March 1, 2014
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) is becoming a light switch regulator, operating in two modes, either on or off. For last month’s cover story, I could argue that Director Richard Cordray’s behavior toward consumers was decidedly on, while his behavior to the trade press was decidedly off.
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One thing Freddie Mac forgot when assessing community lenders

The cost of compliance is a harsh reality
February 11, 2014
Freddie Mac says small banks are well positioned to succeed right now, but that seems to ignore a harsh reality — the cost of compliance.
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HMDA reporting could always get better

CFPB strives to realign and simplify lender reporting
February 7, 2014
Over the past 35 years, a surplus of new regulations has shaped a completely different housing market, making the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act outdated. As a result, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau set out to realign HMDA to present day needs.
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I’ll take Cordray for $45,303

Jeopardy! appearance shows not much changed for CFPB director
February 6, 2014
Twenty-six years after he first appeared on Jeopardy, not much has changed about Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Director Richard Cordray. He regulates like he plays: Go big or go home.
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The final rule

HW sits down with CFPB director Richard Cordray to discuss mortgages and the future
January 31, 2014
In an exclusive interview with HousingWire, CFPB director Richard Cordray said that there are enormous differences between heading up the CFPB and acting the the Ohio Attorney General. See what's in store for mortgage markets in our February cover story.
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5 reasons the CFPB needs a Congressional buffer

Why we need a go-between
January 28, 2014
The notion that the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau needs a board to oversee its activities is not popular within the agency. However, there are several reasons why such an entity could prove to be beneficial.
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CFPB Director Richard Cordray just told off the House Financial Services Committee

Yes, he has friends in manufactured housing
January 28, 2014
Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Director Richard Cordray appeared before the House Financial Services Committee this morning for his Semi-Annual report before Congress. Those of you who remember controversial CFPB hearings from the past are in for a real treat.
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How does the CFPB handle mortgage complaints?

Richard Cordray gets more exact on the record
January 22, 2014
Life in the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau-age is well underway, and it seems the bureau’s Director Richard Cordray is becoming more forthright on how his agency approaches consumer complaints.
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CFPB fines Missouri lender $81K for illegal kickbacks

The motive: referral fees
January 16, 2014
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau took action against Missouri lender Fidelity Mortgage Corp., setting the pace for the industry, charging the company $81,076 for funneling illegal kickbacks to a bank in exchange for real estate referrals.
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