CoreLogic: Foreclosure inventory tumbles 35%

CoreLogic: Foreclosure inventory tumbles 35%

But don't celebrate just yet

Only “Number Jesters” report 2Q economic growth at 4% pace

Economic revisions infuriate

4 factors weighing down housing in the second half of 2014

Will housing collapse?

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Old National Bank merges with United Bank & Trust

Merged bank would become 98th largest bank in U.S.
July 14, 2014
Upon consummation of the merger, Old National would become the 98th largest depository organization in the United States, with consolidated assets of approximately $11.2 billion.
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The top and bottom 5 markets for housing recovery

CoreLogic: Completed foreclosures hit record low, but where?
May 30, 2014
The numbers are in and completed foreclosures are at the lowest level since the Great Depression. So which states came out on top and bottom for the most completed foreclosures?
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7 cities not foreign to the words twister, cyclone, tornado

"We're not in Kansas anymore"
May 2, 2014
What was viewed as a historically quiet tornado season, quickly took a turn for the worse, and we still have yet to clear the danger zone. Which leads us to the list of the top 7 cities for tornado risk.
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There’s hope for Michigan

20% increase in 2014 single-family housing starts
April 29, 2014
The forecast is looking up for Michigan as industry leaders predict the best year for the state since 2008, with projected increases in new housing starts, rising home prices and a decline in foreclosures.
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13 riskiest cities for natural disasters

April showers bring May flowers
April 8, 2014
Before you can fully enjoy the sunshine of summer, you have to get through the April showers, in addition to any other natural disaster that might come through your neck of the woods.
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SellerNation offers the best of both worlds: One part broker, one part auction

New company represents sellers only, doesn't charge a commission
March 31, 2014
SellerNation, a Detroit-based company, combines the urgency of a real estate auction with the expertise of real estate brokers to speed up the home selling process.
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Michigan attorneys face sanction for frivolous foreclosure delays

Appellate court awards taxable costs to lender
March 13, 2014
Attorneys in Michigan who file what are ruled frivolous complaints or requests for delays in foreclosure or eviction cases can be sanctioned.
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Woodward Asset Capital acquires Homesource Realtors

Rebrands real estate brokerage into SellerNation
February 24, 2014
Mortgage and real estate technology company Woodward Asset Capital acquired Homesource Realtors, which will relaunch as a real estate company focused on the seller experience.
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Top 8 states for mortgage fraud

Here's where to find the most suspicious activities
February 11, 2014
Although suspicious activity in lending is down overall, mortgage fraud still remains a problem in certain areas across the country. Here is your warning if you live in one of these eight states.
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Did Detroit real estate agent long-con Fannie and Freddie?

Defendent pockets thousands of dollars in commissions on alleged frauds
February 6, 2014
A Michigan real estate agent was charged for defrauding Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac out of tens of thousands of dollars and for wrongfully pocketing additional thousands in real estate commissions.
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