Is it OK to gatecrash a Realtor’s open house?

Is it OK to gatecrash a Realtor’s open house?

Yes, but only if you follow this Reddiquette

CoreLogic: Home prices rose 6.9% annually in August

Forecasts calls for 4.3% growth by August 2016

TRID pushes industry into digital mortgages

eMortgages are the obvious choice

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ARTICLES Existing home sales projected to hit 5.4M

Tries to recoup losses experienced in August predicts existing home sales for September will fall between 5.23 and 5.57 million annual sales. While the modest growth predicted for September will not be enough to completely recoup all of the losses experienced in August, the report predicts that sales will move back in the right direction.
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3 reasons fall is a great time to buy a home

Home for the holidays
Along with pumpkin spice lattes and flannel shirts, you might want to consider adding buying a home to your list of fall essentials for these three reasons. And as an added bonus, what’s better than a new home for the holidays?
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How prepared are you for TRID? [Quiz]

Oct. 3 is here!
Is your organization ready for Oct. 3? We asked technology company Pavaso to break down the categories that will separate the truly compliant from the rest of the pack on judgment day. It’s game time.
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Declining oil prices will have a muted impact on housing

It's not a repeat of the 80s
While everyone enjoys low prices at the pump, the impact of it can reverberate throughout the economy and cause some unintended consequence. However, the severity this time around is a lot less than what the country experienced during the last big oil price decline in the 1980s.
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