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No, California's housing market didn’t fall "off a cliff" in July

The silver lining in the state's housing market
At first look, it appears California’s housing market in July significantly struggled, with single-family homes and condominiums falling a whopping 10.4% for the month. But PropertyRadar dug a little deeper into the data, finding that while sales did decline, it wasn’t as bad as first expected.
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Donald Trump talks housing (and everything else) in speech to homebuilders

Republican nominee plays to the crowd, touches on housing and homebuilding
Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump spoke Thursday to the National Association of Home Builders. And in a wide-ranging speech that touched on the Iraq War, the current political climate in the Middle East, and much more, Trump doubled down on his claim that Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and President Obama are the "founders of ISIS." He even managed to mix in some housing talk as well.
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What Trump’s economic plan could mean for housing

Will he disband the CFPB?
Donald Trump gave a much-anticipated speech in Detroit Monday morning unveiling his economic agenda. For the first time since his campaign began, he managed to finally say something about housing. When he wasn't cut short by the many screaming interruptions, he touched on a few key housing policies, including major changes the tax code.
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Appraisal volume shows true impact of Brexit

Surge in mortgage apps misleading
Right after the news came out that the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union, interest rates plummeted and mortgage applications surged, but appraisal volume, not so much. Kevin Golden, director of analytics with a la mode, explains why there's such a discrepancy.
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Freddie Mac recovers in 2Q, posts net income of $993M

Returns a total of $99.1 billion to taxpayers
Freddie Mac had a rough start to the year, posting a net loss in the first quarter. However, now its second-quarter financial results are in, and the government-sponsored enterprise performed much better, so much so that it will return an additional $933 million to taxpayers.
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Brexit impact makes its way to appraisal volume

Volume surges after Fourth of July holiday
It took a bit longer, but the Brexit impact finally made its way to appraisal volume. Since appraisals are ordered later in the mortgage process, it takes more time to see the true impact. The results are officially in and appraisals fell right in line with mortgage applications.
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