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Competition about to be the next top homebuyer concern?

Industry addresses affordability concerns
Affordability, while the number one homebuyer concern, might soon be unseated by worrying about buyer competition. The rising concern isn’t too much of a surprise given this rough stat for potential homebuyers. On the positive side, the industry is stepping up to address affordability problems.
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Appraisal volume continues to trudge along this spring

Fed uncertainty dents market
Appraisal volume, not surprisingly, recorded another slow week. Last week, Kevin Golden, director of analytics with a la mode, explained why this spring home-buying season isn’t turning into the hot buying season it’s supposed to be. This week's report reiterates that.
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New home sales reverse course, rise in April

Moves higher for spring-buying season
The latest April new home sales report shows signs that the housing market could finally be returning to normal after a series of up and down reports. One chief economist noted that so far in 2016, new home sales have declined each month. However, sales are now up a whopping 24% from last April.
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4 tips for real estate agents to crush it on Snapchat

Hurry, before competition heightens
If you could go back in time and build an audience on Twitter before it blew up would you? Well, Snapchat is still an unchartered area for real estate agents to jump into. Here are four tips on how to use Snapchat to your advantage, along with Snapchat pros you need to follow.
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[Infographic] Here’s what today’s Realtor looks like

Lots of new faces
There are nearly 1.2 million Realtors in the workforce, with more people opting into the real estate profession this year than in the past. Some of the demographic trends typical of Realtors over the years are still present, but there are a few new trends starting to take off as well.
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The 'perfect storm' blocking your business this spring-buying season

A look behind spring's appraisal volume
What’s presumed to be the hottest buying season of the year isn’t shaping up to that due to a flurry of factors that are growing into the perfect storm. For this week's appraisal volume data, Kevin Golden, director of analytics with a la mode, explained more on what's going behind the data at the Mortgage Bankers Association’s Secondary conference in New York City.
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Here are the 25 cities with the biggest rent hikes

Single family investors keep winning, in more ways than one
The rental market is ripe for single-family rental investors, but not so much for big-city renters themselves. All 25 rental markets witnessed rents increase by more than 10%. And it’s not the usual order of names, as three new markets take spots in the top 10.
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