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Move/News Corp legal battle drags down Zillow Group earnings in 2015

Posts net loss of $91.1 million; sees traffic decline in 4th quarter
The Zillow Group family of websites, which includes Zillow and Trulia, announced its 2015 financial results on Thursday, with the company reporting a pro forma net loss of $91.1 million in 2015. According to Zillow, a large portion of the net loss was driven by the legal fees associated with Zillow’s legal battle with Move, which is now owned by News Corp, over claims of allegations of trade secret theft involving Errol Samuelson, who was once Move's chief strategy officer.
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Trulia: 3 predictions for housing in 2016

Buying still beats renting
With 2016 right around the corner, Trulia published a blog on what it predicts will happen in the housing market over the next year. One of these predictions is that buying will still be a more financially wise decision compared to renting.
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Zillow sweetens paid leave for new parents

8 more weeks for new moms
Zillow Group said it will offer eight weeks of paid leave for all parents and eight additional weeks of fully paid leave for new birth moms, who previously received partially paid 12 weeks, according to this article in the Seattle Times.
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Here is the latest attack aimed at Zillow

The epic battle continues...’s latest attack at Zillow Group took it to the streets, removing a house from the residential block by wrapping it and creating a real-life analogy of homes that Zillow users are missing out on. This is only the latest in a recent string of maneuvers from each company to dominate the market. The question still remains: Who rules the online real estate market?
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Zillow: Yes, owning a home beats renting but there are still challenges

Especially for first-time buyers, Millennials
It shouldn’t come as a surprise that one of the biggest barriers to homeownership is a down payment. While there are plenty of misconceptions behind what goes into a down payment, it doesn’t change the fact that there are some real challenges in the process. New research from Zillow puts numbers behind the issue.
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Here’s proof why Millennials should buy not rent

Trulia: Now is the best time to buy since 2012
It’s a question most people eventually come to face: Should I rent or buy a home? However, the data that was previously used to answer the question didn’t consider the specifics of the situation facing Millennials. This new study from Trulia takes into account the real variables for young homebuyers, and as it turns out, buying a home is still the better option.
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