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Expert economists: Latest drop in homeownership no big deal

Don’t worry, buying homes just at lowest since 1965
Although homeownership rates hit their lowest rate since 1965, some experts say that the change reflects more trends in the rental market than in housing. Others, while concurring that the data shows a lot about rental trends in the market, disagree about the gravity of the decreasing homeownership rate.
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Sandwich generation homes on the rise

Two factors driving the increase
The number of homes where three generations live under one roof, also known as sandwich homes, continued to trend higher over the last several years. As a result, Trulia identified two factors behind the rise in this type of housing.
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Trulia: Building permits preventing new housing growth

Pacific West and Northeast pulling down national average
Of the 100 largest metros, Las Vegas is the most elastic housing market in the U.S. Prices over this period increased 71.4%, but the housing stock increased 87.8%, leading to an elasticity estimate of 1.17. Other metros are not so fortunate.
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Which presidential candidate is better for housing?

Housing price recovery was stronger in states Clinton and Trump lost
Housing is no where near the top of the priority list for this year's presidential candidates, with many Americans unclear about where the candidates stand. However, it seems there is one clear candidate who people believe is more likely to cause an increase in home prices.
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