[Chart] FHA mortgage insurance boom in the works?

[Chart] FHA mortgage insurance boom in the works?

MBA notes impact of cutting MIPs

loanDepot officially files for IPO

Number of shares, price range to be determined

Did Sen. Corker violate SEC rules, Senate ethics by telling investors to short GSEs?

Made questionable remarks on CNBC regarding stocks

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[Study] Zillow rules real estate web traffic but lists far fewer properties

Quality, depth of Zillow's non-MLS data in key markets questioned
Zillow Group’s two portals — Zillow.com and Trulia.com — get more traffic at their web sites than Realtor.com, but Zillow Group sites have fewer listings in most markets, and the two are losing ground on traffic. Worse, there are questions about the quality of listings in key markets.
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It's official: Fed punts on interest rate hike

What’s next and what it means for housing and mortgage finance
The Federal Reserve said today it is not raising the federal funds interest rate. This means the next chance the Fed will have to raise rates will be in late October. Here's what this, and what a future hike, means for housing and mortgage finance.
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What does a Fed rate hike mean for housing and for you?

Key housing economists weigh in on the Big Question
The Federal Open Market Committee meets Wednesday morning and the big question is: will they raise interest rates? HousingWire surveyed some of the top analysts and economists in housing, and some of their responses were genuinely unexpected.
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Trending Thursday: Forensic accounting in #FannieGate gets audited

Is it time for an entirely new housing policy?
A new book looks at the saga of the GSEs since the big housing meltdown and says housing is a big risk just waiting for the fuse to be lit. So just how reliable is that forensic accounting report on FannieGate that everyone talks about, but few mainstream publications reported on?
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Zillow completes Trulia integration; begins universal ad sales to agents

Rascoff: Agents never before able to reach this many people
The last hurdle in the Zillow-Trulia integration process is now complete. Now, agents that advertise with the Zillow Group can reach a massive audience, all with one ad buy – a fact that Zillow Group CEO Spencer Rascoff views as absolutely crucial for the future of Zillow and the real estate industry as a whole.
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Zillow sells Market Leader for massive loss

Buyer is Perseus Division of Constellation Software
Zillow Group announced that it plans to sell Market Leader, a customer relationship management system for the real estate industry, to the Perseus Division of Constellation Software, an international provider of software and services. When Trulia bought Market Leader, the purchase price was reported to be as high as $355 million. Zillow announced Thursday that it is selling Market Leader for $23 million.
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Want Zillow to pay your mortgage for a year?

This $25,000 could be yours
Zillow is giving away $25,000 to pay one lucky person’s mortgage for an entire year. Hurry up though, the “Pay My Mortgage, Please” sweepstake ends Monday morning. Bonus: Details show how to get entered 10 times.
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