Sources: Morris Schneider Wittstadt declaring bankruptcy, closing immediately

Sources: Morris Schneider Wittstadt declaring bankruptcy, closing immediately

LandCastle Title’s operations will not be affected

8 avoidable mistakes first-time homebuyers keep making

Stop doing these things

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Slowly but surely GSE shareholders cutting into Treasury, FHFA secrecy

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A Craigslist for mortgage bond traders?

Service still being tested
Brena Swanson
A new company is stepping up to the challenge to open new trading options for investors. Could this be a sustainable second option to The Street?
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Still favor fix-and-flip over renting
Ben Lane
Despite rising rents, investors still prefer fixing and flipping houses as opposed to buying a house for the purpose of renting it out, according to a new report from But results vary depending on whether the house was purchased at a live auction or an online auction.
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Cash home sales continue decline, falling to 35.5%

Share of cash sales could hit pre-crisis levels in 2017
Trey Garrison
Cash sales made up 35.5% of total home sales in October 2014, down from 38.7% in October 2013, and the trend is continuing downward. Here’s what’s happening and what it means for housing.
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The top 20 cities for housing investments

Texas rules the list
Brena Swanson
As more people decide to jump into either homeownership or become investors, there are still plenty of places were housing is a pretty safe bet. And Texas and Florida appear to taking over the list of best places.
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Higher home prices equal higher return
Brena Swanson surveyed investors bidding on properties online and at live events across the country. And while the findings reveal that investors gravitate toward flipping properties, there are distinct differences across the country. These charts help show what those differences are.
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Executive Conversation: Peak Corporate Network specializes in servicing

Eli Tene and Gil Priel on understanding the needs of investors
Sarah Wheeler

Over 35 years’ experience in the industry and having survived three very strong cycles has taught us with each cycle how to mitigate the risk that comes with those changes.

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Program will provide funding for real estate investors
Ben Lane
According to, the Auction Finance program will feature lines of credit from $500,000 to $5 million for residential investment, and the funds can be used for “virtually any residential investment property” in California, Texas, Georgia, Florida, Illinois and Washington.
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Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac stocks plummet amid lawsuit

Judge throws out investors’ lawsuit
Brena Swanson
Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac stocks dropped on Wednesday, after a judge threw out a lawsuit brought by investors in the companies to stop the government from making the companies pay a quarterly dividend to the U.S. Treasury.
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JPMorgan to face $10B MBS case

Bank hit with class action lawsuit
Brena Swanson
JPMorgan Chase must face a class action lawsuit by investors who claimed the bank misled them about the safety of $10 billion of mortgage-backed securities it sold before the financial crisis.
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Mortgage servicers trend toward multiple field-service providers

Is it time to spread out the grunt work?
Lynn Effinger
With so many changes taking place in the default servicing arena, with heightened focus on regulations and compliance issues, one solution being chosen by some lenders, servicers and investors is to contract with multiple field service providers, rather than a single “national” provider.
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