This chart proves mortgage credit availability isn’t improving

Zillow: Top 10 markets to buy and sell your home now

California takes over one list

Wealthier Americans mean a bigger bond market

More liquidity means more debt

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Should mortgage technology and data be universally shared?

Yes, and no
Jacob Gaffney
The sharing of what works seems to be an agreed-upon process. But when it comes to mortgage technology and/or data, there is no clear consensus that advances should be universally shared.
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SEC adopts tighter securitization, ratings agency rules

Makes banks more transparent
Brena Swanson
The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission adopted tighter rules for asset-backed securities and credit rating agencies in order to better protect investors, finally tackling two issues at the core of the financial crisis after years of delays.
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Wall Street returns to buying risky mortgages?

News doesn't always reflect reality
Brena Swanson
Due to the constant news following the recovery, an article in Yahoo made the point that when sifting through the financial pages these days, it’s hard to figure out if America is still agonizing over the crisis or wringing hands about the chances for the next one.
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Cash sales drop to lowest level since May 2010

Continues 18-month streak of year-over-year decreases
Ben Lane
May’s cash sales were down from April, when 36.9% of the sales were all-cash, and down from May 2013, when cash sales made up 37.4% of the total home sales, according to a new report from Corelogic.
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Is it over for GSE investors?

Fannie and Freddie profits taper off
Brena Swanson
Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac each reported profits for the second quarter that were much smaller than the record levels logged earlier, and as a result, one article argues investors should start pulling out.
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Insurers find Dodd-Frank loophole

Argument still up for debate
Brena Swanson
When looking at the fine print of Dodd-Frank, regulators may have some wiggle room when it comes to whether they can look to credit ratings, and therefore state-insurance rules.
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3 reasons investors bet big on housing

Nowhere left to fall
Brena Swanson
Despite a laundry list of factors that are behind a sluggish housing market, investors remain optimistic on the housing market for three distinct reasons.
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From HW Magazine

SFR so good

The REO-to-rental evolution is just beginning
Rick Sharga
Some industry observers have been predicting the demise of this market since Blackstone, the largest purchaser of single-family rental homes, announced plans to slow down its acquisition volume earlier this year. But the data paints a very different picture.
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Barclays faces fraud lawsuit from NY AG

Brena Swanson
New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman will file a securities lawsuit against Barclays for misrepresenting the safety of its U.S.-based alternative trading system, or dark pool, to investors.
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Here’s how leading real estate investors are different than the other 95%

Where they focus, how they get their money – it’s a different world
Trey Garrison
A comprehensive new survey by Realeflow shows exactly how different the leading investors are, and it gives an insight into what tools they use.
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