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Stock markets tank as investors go bearish

This is the worst start ever to a calendar year
Investors are scrambling as they continue to head into what is the worst start ever to a calendar year for the stock market. But amid all the negative reports, an article in Business Insider said that in a note to clients, Deutsche Bank's Jim Reid gave some reason for optimism for the future.
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Still favor fix-and-flip over renting
Despite rising rents, investors still prefer fixing and flipping houses as opposed to buying a house for the purpose of renting it out, according to a new report from But results vary depending on whether the house was purchased at a live auction or an online auction.
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The top 20 cities for housing investments

Texas rules the list
As more people decide to jump into either homeownership or become investors, there are still plenty of places were housing is a pretty safe bet. And Texas and Florida appear to taking over the list of best places.
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Higher home prices equal higher return surveyed investors bidding on properties online and at live events across the country. And while the findings reveal that investors gravitate toward flipping properties, there are distinct differences across the country. These charts help show what those differences are.
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Program will provide funding for real estate investors
According to, the Auction Finance program will feature lines of credit from $500,000 to $5 million for residential investment, and the funds can be used for “virtually any residential investment property” in California, Texas, Georgia, Florida, Illinois and Washington.
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