Mr. Frank goes back to Washington

Mr. Frank goes back to Washington

Former Congressman to testify before Congress on Dodd-Frank impact

Happy 4th birthday Dodd-Frank! Everyone hates you

How effective has Dodd-Frank really been?

Monday Morning Cup of Coffee: Former CFPB head eyes White House?

The bubble’s last days; New HUD rule the “Common Core” of housing

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Are post-crisis credit requirements holding back 1.2M mortgages?

Researchers at the Urban Institute say yes, and explain how
March 14, 2014
The number of mortgages that could be made if credit conditions and requirements were at traditional, pre-crisis levels could top 1.2 million.
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The two lines from Obama that rocked housing

January 29, 2014
President Barack Obama’s 5th annual State of the Union Address contained over 6,500 words and only mentions housing twice, but the industry received enough of a mention for insiders to just run with it.
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Foreign affairs could stall housing reform

Competing priorities shift Congressional focus
September 3, 2013
Housing is a strong catalyst for current economic growth, prompting mortgage experts to urge policymakers about the need for comprehensive housing finance reform this fall. But other fiscal headwinds and policy considerations could take precedence, delaying the housing fix once again.
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Pushback expected against 30% downpayment proposal

Recent revamp of QRM irks affordable housing proponents
August 28, 2013
The latest qualified residential mortgage rule proposal includes an alternate 30% downpayment requirement, which is not only unlikely, but possibly a red herring built into the plan.
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NCRC launches white paper on GSE reform

Works to preserve affordable credit
August 21, 2013
The National Community Reinvestment Coalition released its own proposal for creating a future secondary mortgage market this week. Fearing a market without robust credit access, the nonprofit revealed a white paper on GSE reform.
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Obama jumps into the great housing debate

President's vision for housing mirrors existing plans
August 6, 2013
President Obama called for both political parties to rebuild the nation’s housing finance system in a speech that drew both praise and skepticism from the mortgage industry.
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Schneiderman probe: Another chink in the armour of credit rating agencies?

February 8, 2013
With the $5 billion civil suit against Standard & Poor’s Rating Services putting a target on the credit rating agency’s back, the door may have been...
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Eric Holder alleges S&P mortgage ratings favored issuers over investors

February 5, 2013
U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder broke his silence Tuesday on the Justice Department and numerous states' filing of a civil suit against Standard & Poor's Financial...
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Consumer Coalition Lobbies Ahead of Financial Reform

June 16, 2009
A number of advocacy groups locked at the elbows this morning to call for widespread changes in the financial markets, in step with expected policy changes to financial regulation set to be unveiled by the Obama Administration on Wednesday. The new initiative is called Americans for Financial Reform, and includes members from all types of interest groups, from former Soros fund managers, to AARP legislative policy directors to firms such as the National People's Action.
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