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Congress eases curbs on foreign real-estate investors

This could bring billions of dollars of additional investment
The current law, known as the Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act, subjects foreign investors to income tax when they sell U.S. property. It was initially passed in 1980, a time when there were fears that foreign investors including the Japanese might buy up large swaths of the country and its farmland. Is this era over?
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GE sells $23 billion in real estate assets

Blackstone and Wells Fargo agree to purchase
General Electric Capital Real Estate is exiting a significant portion of its commercial real estate platform, as Blackstone and Wells Fargo announced they are purchasing a total of $23 billion in assets.
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Capital One agrees to acquire Beech Street Capital

Expands multifamily banking business
Capital One agreed to acquire Beech Street Capital, an originator and servicer of Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and FHA multifamily commercial real estate loans. Beech Street was founded in 2009 and originated approximately $4 billion in loans in 2012.
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Korean investors eye US real estate

Mixed-use commercial deals remain a key attraction
Korean investors are gradually becoming major players in the U.S. real estate market. Much like the Chinese before them, foreign buyers from Korea are scooping up major commercial properties.
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