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Here are the top 10 metros for empty nesters

Pricey markets hold high concentrations
As the Baby Boomer population continues to age, the population of empty nesters is growing larger, hitting 15.5% of all households in 2015. But where these empty nesters choose to live may actually surprise you. Using data from the U.S. Census Bureau, Zillow names the top 10.
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Silver bullet: Reverse mortgages offer golden opportunity for profitable loan growth

Retiring Baby Boomers are sitting on $6.2 trillion in home equity
Fannie Mae’s National Housing Survey found that 37% of senior homeowners felt concern for their finances during retirement, yet only 6% of seniors are interested in utilizing home equity as a financial solution. With $6.2 trillion in home equity to bolster retirement income, why aren’t more senior homeowners taking advantage of products like reverse mortgages? 
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The Great Baby Boomer Retirement Plan: Downsize your life

Merrill Lynch study shows generation increasingly looks to rent
Baby Boomers are preparing for retirement and as they do, the generation is looking increasingly to downsize. Nearly half, in fact, are giving up on the dream of homeownership entirely. As humans live longer, many must consider a wide range of course corrections in order to enjoy a secure retirement.
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[CHARTS] Notably fewer rejections for mortgage refis as credit profiles improve

Lower credit consumers stay away from rising interest rates
As interest rates continue to increase, mortgage refinance applications are decreasing. However, as the last few households rushed in to apply for a refi before rates increased further, rejection rates dropped. These charts from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York explain the latest trends in mortgage refinances.
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Monday Morning Cup of Coffee: Boomer renters, W-2 thieves and affordable housing

Plus, avoiding hipsters
With April 15 fast approaching, companies are dealing with requests for W-2 forms from a variety of sources. Unfortunately, these forms are being stolen by cyber thieves who are then filing fake returns and collecting taxpayer refunds. Meanwhile, did you manage to make it through April Fools' Day unscathed? This joke from Trulia tricked a few.
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