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All banks passed their stress tests

Here's how they fared
The stress test results just came in, and 33 banks shows they could undergo the Fed’s tests. For some banks, this is a welcome result after failing the tests several times before. Here’s how they all fared in the tests.
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Bank of America, Citigroup brace for annual stress tests

History of failure so far
Both of these banks failed the stress tests a combined total of five times. The annual tests could even be holding the banks back from giving more $$$ to their shareholders. While banks such as Wells Fargo seem to be going fine, others, such as Bank of America and Citigroup, just can’t seem to catch on.
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Are bank stress tests bad for lending?

Bank of America CEO thinks so
The annual stress tests that the Federal Reserve requires of banks may be making them safer, but it can also restrict lending. Bank of America’s CEO explains why that is, and how these tests are affecting banks.
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Federal Reserve raises the bar on stress tests

Banks required to follow Fed projections on supervisory scenarios
Banks will have to hit a higher mark during their 2014 stress tests now that the Fed is increasing passage requirements. Under the new guidelines, the Fed will use its own numbers to determine if a bank is well capitalized.
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