Top 5 cities where safety is not a question

Top 5 cities where safety is not a question

Number one shouldn't be a shocker

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FHFA scorecard should be marked tardy

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PIMCO expects U.S. economy to grow 2.5-3% in 2014

Biggest risk for growth? Ongoing tapering
March 31, 2014
PIMCO’s recently released cyclical outlook for the Americas is forecasting growth in the U.S. economy of 2.5-3% in 2014.
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PIMCO cuts mortgage-backed securities holdings

Moving to investments outside the U.S.
March 12, 2014
PIMCO, the world's largest bond fund, is moving away from its investments in mortgage-backed securities and U.S. government-related holdings. Why would it change strategy?
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Major news out of PIMCO as Mohamed El-Erian resigns from CEO post

El-Erian leaves major hole to fill
January 21, 2014
PIMCO CEO and Co-Chief Investment Officer Mohamed El-Erian is resigning in a move that is likely to shake-up the investor community given his stature.
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BlackRock, PIMCO set to push for BofA mortgage deal

November 18, 2013
Closing arguments begin today from an investor group including BlackRock Inc. (BLK) and Pacific Investment Management Co. over a proposed $8.5 billion settlement with Bank of America (BAC) involving legacy Countrywide mortgage bonds.
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Pimco’s Gross: Expect low interest rates for years to come

October 2, 2013
Bill Gross, manager of Pimco's bond fund, says the global economy could be facing low interest rate policies for decades to come.
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Agency MBS bets net Pimco huge profits

September 30, 2013
While the Federal Reserve has been playing "buyer of last resort" in snapping up agency mortgage-backed securities throughout the crisis and beyond -- through three successive rounds of so-called quantitative easing -- the government hasn't been the only buyer.
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The value in today’s bond market

September 30, 2013
In a recent interview, Mohamed El-Erian, CEO and co-chief investment officer for Pimco, said America is at a place it's never been, with central banks experimenting in unprecedented ways. In light of this, El-Erian provided advice on how to move forward.
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Pimco’s Mohamed El-Erian expects Fed tapering plan this week

September 16, 2013
The Federal Reserve is likely to announce its tapering plans this week, said Pimco CEO Mohamed El-Erian. Still, don't expect it all at once. El-Erian believes a $10 billion-to-$15 billion reduction will be the Fed's first step.
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Investors bullish on U.S. economy thanks to housing

February 22, 2013
Housing is at the top of the list when highlighting the bright spots in the current credit markets, PIMCO Managing Director Mark Kiesel said.He credits rising...
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The Debt Bubble: if it Happened to Them, it Can Happen to U.S.

March 17, 2010
Yesterday Standard & Poor's announced its sovereign rating of Greece would be maintained for the moment at triple-B. The birthplace of democracy recently navigated a hotbed of solvency issues, including downgrades to its sovereign rating, as Greece became the poster child for 'how not to run your country's finances.' In parallel, the day before, Moody's Investors Service said the United States risks losing its beloved triple-A credit rating if it doesn't better manage its piles of debt. But more on that later, let's start with what's up with Greece:
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