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Florida building world’s first solar-powered town

Beginning new era of smart growth?
The demand from homebuyers for solar energy is growing and continues to do so. Whereas some areas are starting to make solar panels more cost effective, one area took it to a whole new level; they're building an entire town to be run on solar power.
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Former real estate sales associate gets 4 years for Florida mortgage fraud

Faced 150 years for scheme that cost Wells Fargo nearly $1 million
A 39-year-old Massachusetts man was found guilty on five total counts earlier this year related to his role in a mortgage fraud scheme that cost Wells Fargo nearly $1 million. Each count carried a maximum penalty of 30 years in prison, but his sentence was far less severe than that.
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Shacking up finally legal again in Florida

Unmarried couples get cohabitation rights
Good news for unmarried couples in Florida. After 148 years, Florida finally decided to get rid of a law that banned unmarried couples from living together. Not that the law against it was adamantly enforced. But still, it’s nice to know you’re not in danger of going to jail.
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Black Knight: Home prices close out 2015 relatively flat

Only rise 0.1% from November
As last year came to a close, home prices didn't announce any surprise, remaining basically flat and increasing a marginal 0.1%. And while New York once again led gains among the states, another stated joined it to be one of the top states leading the way in December.
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