Top 5 cities where safety is not a question

Top 5 cities where safety is not a question

Number one shouldn't be a shocker

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FHFA scorecard should be marked tardy

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Despite new law, Florida foreclosures take longer

April 18, 2014
Florida recently passed a new law to help speed the foreclosure process up. But there's just one problem: the process is actually getting longer.
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Bank CEO banned for buying condo with TARP money

Used $381,487 to buy himself a condo in Florida
April 17, 2014
According to the Federal Reserve Board, former bank CEO Darryl Woods took $381,487.45 of TARP funds to purchase a condo for himself in Fort Meyers, Fla.
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Second home buyers are older, have more money and like warmer climates

Fannie Mae report will not blow your mind
April 7, 2014
We hope you are holding on to something when you read these truly and deeply shocking revelations about this type of homebuyer.
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February marks 27th straight month of growth for Miami housing market

Winter doesn't bother Florida
March 20, 2014
The market for Miami housing continued its robust performance in February.
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Zillow: Sell on West Coast, buy on East Coast

Here are the top housing markets right now
March 19, 2014
If you are looking to sell your home, living on the West Coast drastically gives you the upper hand on selling power as spring home shopping season heats up.
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10 cities with huge housing improvement

Quarter-over-quarter asking prices paint new housing picture
March 6, 2014
Since the initial bust of the housing market, it tends to be the metros that felt a huge dent from the crisis that witness the biggest home price increases. But this trend is starting to change.
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The 10 best auction homes in sunny cities

Get out of the cold and save a bundle
February 28, 2014
Tired of shoveling snow? These homes from are the perfect antidote.
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Mortgage servicers foreclosing on very different timelines

Rates can vary almost 200%
February 18, 2014
Cases with a Bankruptcy Discharge filing had an average foreclosure timeline of 448 days longer than cases without similar filings.
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Top 8 states for mortgage fraud

Here's where to find the most suspicious activities
February 11, 2014
Although suspicious activity in lending is down overall, mortgage fraud still remains a problem in certain areas across the country. Here is your warning if you live in one of these eight states.
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3 million refis and counting

The Home Affordable Refinance Program passes a milestone
February 10, 2014
Demand for the Home Affordable Refinance Program continued to trickle as mortgage rates climbed higher after June 2013. But just how much did this affect refinance volume in 2013?
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