Monday Morning Cup of Coffee: Ocwen settles "frustrating skirmish" with California

Zillow plans event to “hack” housing

Offers $10,000 prize for creative solutions to jumpstart market

CFPB goes after Wells Fargo, JPMorgan for mortgage kickback scheme

Mega banks will pay $35.7 million total

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Wilbur Ross quits Ocwen Financial

Distressed asset investor bringing his magic to Bank of Cyprus
Wilbur Ross, the high-risk turnaround exec famous for charging into metaphoric burning buildings of European financial institutions, is leaving Ocwen Financial and several other companies where he serves as a director.
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Prominent banker, hedge fund entrepreneur found dead

Deutsche Bank figure has connections to previous DB suicide
Trey Garrison
Back in January HousingWire reported on a string of prominent banker suicides that started with three in just six days in January, and then grew to more than a dozen by March – many occurring under mysterious circumstances. One of the new ones has connections to the initial rash.
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Getting ready for multi-borrower, single-family rental securities

This is the next step in an expanding market
Brent Taggart
The real excitement at ABS East wasn’t about single-investor deals, like the ones we’ve seen, but about the potential for multi-borrower deals. Here's why it's so exciting for the market.
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Deutsche Bank real estate finance veteran joins Greystone

Nikhil Kanodia will serve as new managing director
Trey Garrison
Greystone a leading national provider of multifamily and healthcare mortgage loans, today announced that Nikhil Kanodia has joined as a managing director.
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BlackRock, Pimco sue Wells Fargo, Citi, others over mortgage bonds

Allege that trustees should have forced banks to buy back toxic loans
Ben Lane
BlackRock and Pimco are leading a group of investors who have filed suit against six of the largest mortgage bond trustees, alleging that the trustees failed to properly administer the mortgage trusts by not forcing mortgage lenders to repurchase toxic loans.
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London authorities open investigation into banker deaths

Coroners to re-examine two cases in light of rash of reports
Trey Garrison
Authorities plan to open investigations into two recent apparent suicides of financial executives in London, following a rash of reports of suicides among banking and finance executives in the United States, Hong Kong and the United Kingdom.
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JPMorgan banker jumps to his death

Third JPMorgan employee, fifth banker in three weeks to die
Trey Garrison
The suicide is the third unnatural or unusual death for a JPMorgan employee in three weeks, and the fifth unusual death for a banker working in international finance in the past three weeks.
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JPMorgan global program trading exec, dead at 37

Held flawless trading record
Trey Garrison
An executive director in JPMorgan Chase & Co.'s global program trading died at age 37. His death comes after a rash of suicides among three prominent bankers over the course of a week.
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More details emerge about three bankers who died in six days

Some speculate missing WSJ reporter case shares circumstances
Trey Garrison
A week after three prominent bankers were found dead in apparent suicides, emerging details show all three worked at firms connected to fraud, misconduct investigations.
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The secret to making REO-to-rental viable

As an investment class it needs work but analysts say go for it
Trey Garrison
There are a large number of abandoned homes and a large class of renters, but even when the housing market settles out and people’s credit is repaired over time, REO to rental is a growth area and potentially a permanent asset class, investors think.
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