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4 factors weighing down housing in the second half of 2014

Will housing collapse?

Altos: Critics wrong about housing, it’s going to soar

2015 will see notable price appreciation

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Amherst and Pierpoint announce merger

Company will be known as Amherst Pierpont Securities
July 1, 2014
“Combining Amherst’s unparalleled leadership in mortgage-related securities and Pierpont’s liquid product-related offerings will create a scalable platform that will have an unmatched ability to capture future growth opportunities,” Pierpoint Securities CEO Mark Werner said.
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Will the private RMBS market rebound in the second half?

Maybe, if Redwood starts issuance again
March 10, 2014
The boom of the non-agency market is turning into a slow crawl as investors turn elsewhere for more profit. But are they making the right choice?
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QRM proposal caters to private sector

No downpayment requirement spells private capital comeback
August 29, 2013
The expected alignment of the QRM rules with QM standards will likely reduce uncertainty for players in the residential mortgage-backed securities sector and should also support stronger participation in jumbo loan activity by banking institutions.
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Housing recovery evolves mortgage modification landscape

June 12, 2013
The mortgage modification landscape is fundamentally changing thanks to the housing recovery. For the next 12 months, mortgage modification activity will continue to decline as both payment...
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Investors find private-label RMBS facing rep and warrants issues attractive

May 17, 2013
With settlements on representation and warranty violations in private-label residential mortgage-backed securitizations beginning to pick up momentum, investors are becoming more comfortable with pricing the potential...
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Amherst predicts $30 billion in new originations for private-label securitization

January 29, 2013
Senior Managing Director Laurie Goodman at Amherst Securities Group noted that she expected new origination for private-label securitization to reach roughly $30 billion for the year. Goodman...
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HARP success could trickle down to non-agency borrowers

January 22, 2013
With the success of the Home Affordable Refinance Program for Fannie and Freddie borrowers, there is an expected push on the part of the Obama Administration...
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Less expensive home sales benefit subprime bonds: Amherst

October 9, 2012
Analysts at Amherst Securities Group say better sales of less expensive homes this winter will disproportionately benefit subprime mortgage-backed securities, which have a greater concentration of...
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Investors retaliate against plan to seize mortgages

July 31, 2012
While investigating homeowners’ inability to restructure securitized mortgages, Robert Hockett, a law professor at Cornell University, developed a novel yet aggressive strategy to alleviate their deepening...
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Amherst spotlights potential HAMP abuse from real estate investors

July 23, 2012
Most new abuses through the expanded Home Affordable Modification Program will come from real estate investors requesting consideration for the workout, according to Amherst Securities Group...
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