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California home sales explode in June

Post first double-digit monthly growth since 2011
The Golden State experienced a very good month for real estate in June, as California existing home sales hit a nearly four-year high, according to a new report from the California Association of Realtors. But it's not all good news. Here's the full story.
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This is the "largest-ever" Silicon Valley affordable housing eviction

The growing problem in California
A 216-unit complex called the Reserve Apartments will be demolished next year to make way for a development of market-rate housing, displacing roughly 670 tenants living in affordable housing. This story is the largest eviction of rent-controlled apartments to date, but unfortunately, it’s only the latest sign in a growing problem.
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Monday Morning Cup of Coffee: One year later, Arizona Realtor still missing

Here's how much a cyber breach will cost your company
Welcome to the first day of summer! Things are on rise this week, with both cyber breaches and rents reporting just how much they've each grown. On the opposite side, San Francisco housing finally isn't rising. And now one year after his bother went missing, Chris Cranston recounts the case to The Huffington Post’s Senior Crime Reporter.
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California selling fewer homes so far this year

Annually, home prices still increasing
New data shows that home sales decreased annually in the Golden State, but increased monthly. Prices continue to increase due to lack of affordable inventory. Despite rising home prices, cash sales also increased from last month. PropertyRadar’s director of economic research explains why.
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California bill to protect surviving homeowners up for vote

The Homeowner Survivor Bill of Rights
California took initiative in 2013 and implemented California's Homeowner Bill of Rights, which stops mortgage servicers from engaging in abusive practices that were leading to unnecessary foreclosures on families throughout the state. The problem isn't over though. A new bill that should fix the problem areas is expected to be voted on next Monday.
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