Altos: Critics wrong about housing, it’s going to soar

Altos: Critics wrong about housing, it’s going to soar

2015 will see notable price appreciation

The real reason Fannie and Freddie don't do principal modifications

Looking out for your retirement

Blackstone adviser: Investors worried about ‘serious correction’

Byron Wien still holds his line

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California housing-price increases simmer down

Double-digit gains slow
July 16, 2014
Although home prices are still trending higher in California, the pace of increases is finally starting to slow and exit double-digit gains.
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Eminent domain survives Richmond City Council opposition

July 7, 2014
The Richmond City Council came within inches of terminating the city’s contract with Mortgage Resolution Partners to seize underwater mortgages through eminent domain.
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Chase’s fraudulent foreclosure: Court finds for plaintiffs

Bank committed fraud in order to show ownership
July 2, 2014

A California appeals court upheld a ruling that said a Chase executive created a document that fraudulently represented that a prior assignment had been lost and that Chase owned the plaintiff's mortgage.

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HUD to auction off San Bernardino’s severely delinquent mortgages

County once considered eminent domain in previous plan to aid borrowers
June 20, 2014
Later this month, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development will auction off a special pool of the San Bernardino County’s severely delinquent mortgage loans though its Distressed Asset Stabilization Program, aiming to provide relief to borrowers.
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California's recovery? The truth behind the facade

Sales at lowest level since 2007 year-to-date
June 18, 2014
“What continues to surprise us month after month is that in the fifth year of a so-called recovery, year-to-date real estate sales are on track to be the lowest since 2007,” said Madeline Schnapp, director of economic research for PropertyRadar.
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Celebrities make bad real estate decisions, too

Mark Wahlberg succeeds at more than acting, Michael C. Hall… not so much
June 3, 2014
Celebrities may fare quite well in the box office or top song charts, but how do they do in the world of real estate? Like their quality of acting — it's a mixed bag.
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Clear Capital: Highest and lowest performing major housing markets

Home prices forecasted to stabilize
June 2, 2014
Home prices are forecasted to stabilize into a sub 5% annual growth range by year’s, chugging through the rest of the year. What's more, here are the highest and lowest performing metro markets today.
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Fear and loathing in California

If the American Dream is owning your own home free and clear, the Golden State might be where dreams come true
June 1, 2014
Imagine a deed of trust or mortgage deed that suddenly isn’t secured by anything at all. Whether that’s the American Dream or a scene from American Psycho probably depends on what you do for a living.
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LA sues JPMorgan for discriminatory lending

May 30, 2014
The city of Los Angles is trying to recover damages due to discriminatory lending and filed a lawsuit against JPMorgan Chase for pushing minority borrowers into mortgages they could not afford.
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The top and bottom 5 markets for housing recovery

CoreLogic: Completed foreclosures hit record low, but where?
May 30, 2014
The numbers are in and completed foreclosures are at the lowest level since the Great Depression. So which states came out on top and bottom for the most completed foreclosures?
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