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QE3 ends, how long until interest rates rise?

Hensarling: "The end of QE is good news"
The market expected the announcement of the end of quantitative easing Wednesday, putting an end to a more than two-year-old asset purchase program. Now the market is left to adjust for where the next step could potentially be.
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FOMC: Tapering is officially over

Economy expands at moderate pace
It’s over. The Federal Open Market Committee officially decided to conclude its two-year-old asset purchase program this month due to the substantial improvement in the outlook for the labor market and strength in the broader economy. The Zero Interest Rate Policy, on the other hand, remains in full effect.
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Greenspan: End of tapering will cause market turmoil

Will the Fed end QE?
The Federal Open Market Committee meeting minutes are just minutes away from being revealed, potentially announcing the end to Quantitative Easing. Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan said he doesn’t think the Fed can unwind years of extraordinary stimulus without causing turmoil in financial markets.
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Dick Bove: "Mortgage crisis by winter"

Who will fill in the financial vacuum?
The end of 2014 does not look good, according to banking analyst Dick Bove. "A toxic brew is bubbling in the housing market that will lead to a mortgage crisis by winter," Bove cautioned.
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FOMC considers ending taper in October

Members debate one final larger reduction
Veering away from its standard $10 billion a month reduction, the Federal Open Market Committee is considering one final reduction in bond purchases, meaning tapering would end in October.
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