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New York adopts "sweeping" new laws to tackle foreclosure problems

Will fight rise of zombie homes; new rules imposed on lenders, servicers
While the U.S. Senate could soon consider new rules governing the maintenance of foreclosed homes and the glut of "zombie homes" that blight many communities throughout the country, the state of New York is taking the matter into its own hands. Late last week, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed "sweeping" legislation to reform the state’s foreclosure process and address the state’s issues with zombie homes.
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Mortgage companies hiring for job that shouldn’t exist

Back-peddling from mistakes made pre-housing crisis
Recruiters are hiring for a position for mortgage companies that really shouldn’t exist. Bad lending practices before the housing crisis, however, may have made it necessary for companies wanting to precede on foreclosures. The problem? It’s not exactly legal.
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Black Knight: Foreclosure starts hit 10-year low

Down nearly 20% from March to April
There were fewer foreclosure proceedings initiated during the month of April than in any month in the last 10 years, a new report from Black Knight Financial Services shows. Plus the number of loans in active foreclosure fell to a level not seen since 2007. Here are all the details.
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MBA: Foreclosure starts lowest in 16 years

Judicial states worse off
The nation continues to see foreclosure rates decline to lows not seen since 2000 or 2007. But there's still some ground to make up, especially in judicial states, which could be holding the market back from recovery. Here’s why.
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6 ways to save the family home after a death or divorce

The CFPB needs to implement changes
The people who succeed ownership of a home after a death or family breakup are known as "successors in interest" or "successors." However, the change in ownership is not a simple process and can a result in a lot of problems. The National Consumer Law Center is out to remedy this.
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Into the void: What the decision in Yvanova means

The California Supreme Court leaves much unresolved in case
Essentially, despite expounding on the issues for 30 pages, the opinion just stands for the unremarkable (and, largely, undisputed) proposition that a borrower has standing to sue for wrongful foreclosure where the transaction by which the beneficiary acquired the loan was void at its inception. That point was even conceded, to some degree, by respondents in their brief.
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