Fannie Mae: Collateral Underwriter not disrupting appraisals

FHFA hearing: GOP fear housing policy headed for Crash 2.0

Democrats say affordable housing, more lower-down policies needed

Ocwen: Mortgage bond investors mislead public, push foreclosures

Fires back at “baseless, groundless” charges of mortgage payment negligence

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The future of housing is better than you think

Home equity's main role in market's success
Brena Swanson
Although the housing market continues to fall short of last year, it may not be like this for long. According to one report, the impact of rising home equity will help buoy the market in the future.
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Investors fill RMBS appetite with jumbo whole loans

S&P: RMBS market shrinks to $15 billion
Brena Swanson
Investors are turning to the jumbo whole loan market to fulfill their appetites and balance sheet, as the residential mortgage-backed securities market continues to dwindle.
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Changing Y-bother into Y-not

Student debt...housing's future pitfall?
Brena Swanson
Student debt is becoming too big to just toss under the rug and forget. At its current pace, it could be the next greatest pitfall to housing.
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Federal Reserve raises the bar on stress tests

Banks required to follow Fed projections on supervisory scenarios
Brena Swanson
Banks will have to hit a higher mark during their 2014 stress tests now that the Fed is increasing passage requirements. Under the new guidelines, the Fed will use its own numbers to determine if a bank is well capitalized.
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GSE reform unlikely until 2014

Pressing concerns delay Congressional housing plans
Christina Mlynski
As the House of Representatives outlined its agenda for floor hearings over the next two months, the market discovered that housing finance reform was not included on policymakers’ to-do list.
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Not all muni bonds are created equal: NewOak

Detroit’s bankruptcy is creating an opportunity for investors to profit from some of the city’s utility and essential services bonds, said NewOak CEO and co-founder Ron D’Vari.
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Two things that likely will be missing from the Treasury's GSE report

Jacob Gaffney
As the American Securitization Forum comes to a close, the private-label side of the secondary market reached a clear consensus that mortgage servicing is, in fact, really important. The other consensus is that mortgages are going to cost more. More for borrowers, more for originators, more for servicers — and ultimately less yield for investors. This is somewhat of a breakthrough. Mortgage servicing remained largely ignored by the secondary side for so long, and this new desire to work together is indicative of transformation.
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Firm's Evolution Underscores Shift in Market Landscape

Paul Jackson
Last June, we covered the start-up of Agire Mortgage Corp., a mortgage lender launched by industry heavy-hitters, including the former COO of New Century Mortgage Robin Cook-Auerbach, as well as former execs from GMAC-RFC and Countrywide. The company said at the time that it wanted to make a push into third-party originations via a strong technology backbone. Getting into the TPO (third-party origination) business in June 2007? Good luck with that.
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