CFPB secures $27.7 million judgment against foreclosure relief scammers

The next president needs to speak up about housing right now

Want my vote? Here's how to get it

CFPB, DOJ take action against Provident Funding for discriminatory lending

Could pay $9 million in damages

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Caution: GSE reform could have serious unintended consequences

Guest blog by former Ginnie Mae president Joseph Murin
Joseph Murin
Former Ginnie Mae president Joseph Murin knows first-hand how important the government backstop to the mortgage industry is…and it’s not just for lenders. Without the government guarantee for mortgages, it will be the consumer who suffers most, Murin says.
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BSI Financial approved as Ginnie Mae issuer

Now able to service loans in Ginnie Mae securitizations
In a release, BSI Financial said that the Ginnie Mae approval provides “further evidence of BSI Financial's sound servicing practices and its track record of regulatory compliance.” The company also said that the accreditation “opens the door” for further expansion of the company's loan subservicing solutions.
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Ocwen buying portfolio of delinquent Ginnie Mae mortgages

Treasury looking at impact of backdating letters allegation
Trey Garrison
If Ocwen is experiencing a tough time, they're not doing it lying down. The nonbank is moving now to purchase Ginnie Mae delinquencies even as the Treasury Department is reviewing the backdating letters scandal.
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Banks’ agency MBS holdings rise $13.6 billion in Q3

Reverses decline in Q2
Ben Lane
According to Barclays, the majority of the increase came in the form of conventional agency MBS holdings, which increased by $11.9 billion in the third quarter. Agency collateralized mortgage obligations increased $5.4 billion, while Ginnie Mae holdings were down by $3.7 billion.
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MBA: Independent mortgage bankers most closely regulated of all

Don’t judge all by a few nonbanks having problems
Trey Garrison
A few high-profile nonbanks in the mortgage space have been making unfortunate headlines in the last couple of months, and some are worried that it may make borrowers gun shy about independent mortgage bankers and nonbank firms — but they shouldn't be.
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$1 billion in MSRs just became available

Loans backed by Fannie Mae and Ginnie Mae
Ben Lane
The portfolio features 97% fixed-rate and 100% first-lien product, a weighted average original FICO score of 716, a weighted average original loan-to-value ratio of 86%, and a weighted average interest rate of 4.53%, MountainView said.
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Ginnie Mae launches 5 new initiatives to increase mortgage lending

HUD secretary warns American Dream remains out of reach
Brena Swanson
While homeownership is the cornerstone of the America dream, the new Secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development, Julián Castro, noted that this just isn’t as possible as it used to be for many Americans. But Ginnie Mae is quickly working to combat this.
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Should mortgage technology and data be universally shared?

Yes, and no
Jacob Gaffney
The sharing of what works seems to be an agreed-upon process. But when it comes to mortgage technology and/or data, there is no clear consensus that advances should be universally shared.
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$835 million in bulk MSRs coming to market

Market continues to be considerably unfrozen
Ben Lane
"It’s an exceptionally clean GNMA portfolio, with a very low coupon and low delinquencies," said Robert Wellerstein, managing director at MountainView Servicing Group. "Given the high-quality product, portfolio size and experienced seller, we expect this package to garner a lot of interest among MSR buyers."
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FHFA watchdog: GSEs still at risk of TBW-style scams

Counterparty risk still real threat
Ben Lane
In a new report, the FHFA’s watchdog warns that the government-sponsored enterprises and their government counterpart, Ginnie Mae, must make improvements in several areas to avoid a recurrence of the multi-billon dollar losses that were suffered at the hands of Taylor, Bean & Whitaker chairman Lee Farkas, who is now behind bars, and his co-conspirators.
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