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Now is the time — Make housing reform a priority

Exclusive op-ed from the president of the MBA
Today, MBA is releasing a plan detailing how a future secondary mortgage market can work – describing a post-conservator end state for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Our proposal includes transition steps detailing how to get from here to there and is the only paper that comprehensively addresses how the reformed secondary market would serve all Americans along the broad continuum of affordable housing needs.
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Mortech, Resitrader partner to provide real-time pricing data for whole loan trading

Mortech data will now be available within Resitrader’s mortgage trading platform
Mortech, a Zillow Group company that provides mortgage technology solutions for mortgage bankers and the secondary market, announced Wednesday that it is partnering with Resitrader to offer real-time pricing data within Resitrader’s whole loan mortgage trade management software.
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Ginnie Mae president: This is why independent banks need more access to credit

Notes from the MBA Secondary conference
The search for innovative ways to raise capital was the number one topic during the president of Ginnie Mae’s many conversations at the MBA Secondary Conference. Independent mortgage bankers do a tremendous job in opening the credit box for many borrowers. But what will happen to that credit access in the future if these institutions cannot find a way to access additional capital?
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MCT Trading selects Paul Yarbrough to oversee client on-boarding

Will also manage secondary marketing technology and solution training
MCT Trading, a risk management and advisory services company, announced the addition of Paul Yarbrough. In his new role, Yarbrough will manage new client on-boarding, oversee the company's secondary marketing technology, and more.
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Mortgage technology product showcase: Sapphire and Pathway

Veros enables easy appraisal submission to the secondary market
Additionally, customers utilizing Sapphire or Pathway solutions — before delivering to these portals — have the ability to utilize a number of automated quality control tools including automated QC order and review rules and upfront appraisal scoring by VeroSCORE to provide a determination of appraisal risk.
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What to expect at MBA’s Secondary Market Conference

Thousands of mortgage professionals set to descend on NYC
Thousands of mortgage and secondary market professionals are set to descend on New York City this weekend as the industry gathers for the Mortgage Bankers Association’s National Secondary Market Conference 2015. Here's the full rundown.
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Why "fast" mortgage servicers crush the TBA bond market

Deutsche Bank analysts: Prepayments costing hundreds of millions per year
A new segment of lenders and servicers that specialize in quicker prepayments is costing the TBA market “several hundred million of dollars a year,” analysts from Deutsche Bank Markets Research said in a new report. Prepayments are a new kind of problem now.
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